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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Fashion Review: Metallic Kitty Jumper


This Doll Collar Embroidered Kitten Jumper* is just adorable.

The animal faced and print fad appears to be making a comeback and although I have not rushed to participate I could not resist this sweet feline faced jumper from Everbuying.

Everbuying is an impressive website, offering an impressive variety of fashion, technology, beauty and home items . Not only is there a lot to choose (and trawl through) from but the site is also constantly updated with new items so be sure to not close your links when wanting to make a purchase!

Their jumper selection is massive so the search bar and an idea of what you are actually looking for comes in very handy!

This jumper features a golden metallic stitched cat face, delicate metallic stitching dotted all over and metallic cuffs. It has attached a white Peter Pan collar fastened to the back with a discrete button.

However, do be sure to undo the button carefully as my dear friend Lauren of The Original Blonde Journalist was slightly enthusiastic when taking the jumper off and managed to pop it off! Thank god for quick sewing fixes eh!

Considering the detail this jumper proves both cute and sophisticated in navy blue and not only offers a flattering fit but look!

What do you think of animal faced or print clothing? Do you like the addition of the Peter Pan collar? 

Stephanie xox

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