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Monday, 2 December 2013

Fashion Review: Blouses by PersunMall

(From left to right)

When it comes to blouses, the brighter the better. When I came across PersunMall I found a massive selection of them, falling in love with all of the above.

The first is the Retro Ethnic Style Totem Pattern Shirt, a baroque patterned shirt with regal and rich colouring. Featuring a smart collar, studded cuffs and small zip to the back.

Next we have the flattering Cross Printed Black Blue White Chiffon Shirt, available in a variety of colours and featuring metallic gold crosses, simplistic buttons and a slouched shape.

The Creative Starlight Pattern Chiffon Shirt features an explosive galaxy print and oversize style while the black Elastic Waist Pleated Skirt Type Shirt provides a feminine shape with its cinched in waist, beautifully detailed neckline and v-dipped back.

The red High Low Shirt With Skull Button features gold studded shoulders and skull button detailing upon the buttons and pockets.

Lastly, we have the most flamboyant of the collection with the Printed Long Sleeves Shirt With Lace Embellished. This shirts simplistic white body is shrouded with black lace shoulders and floral detailing to the arms, proving to be as interesting as it is beautiful.

Which of these blouses are your favourite? Do you opt for simplicity or vibrancy when choosing your own?

 Stephanie xox

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