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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Fashion Review: Floral Magenta meets Peter Pan Collar


Dress* ~ BritFash
Leggings* ~ PersunMall
Ankle Boots ~ Next

Not only is the Floral Magenta Print Dress with Peter Pan Collar* beautiful, it is super cosy for those long winter walks.

The BritFash dress is a wonderful magenta floral print and very bright and eye catching for those Christmas parties and more formal occasions with family and friends. It also features a white peter pan collar with 3/4 sleeves and white turned up cuffs.

The dress really is a versatile piece, that can be dressed up or down. I opted for a more casual look on this frosty December morning with the addition of stirrup leggings*. Switch these for some thick tights and nice heels and you are ready to party this festive season!

Not only is the fit lovely, the colours of this dress just mesmerize me! They are so bright and I find it to be overwhelmingly pretty. I find myself wearing it at every given opportunity and It really is a statement piece that needs very little accessorising, it does all the talking!

The compliments I have received  while wearing this dress out and about is astonishing, who can ever resist a beautiful floral print? I know I can't!

What do you think of this dress? Do you like peter pan collars? 

Stephanie xox

Friday, 13 December 2013

Fashion Review: Cute Coats

Everbuying Coats

Finding a coat can prove difficult at times, especially when the bitter cold leads to practicality (and therefore a dedication to warmth) over fashion. Hunting further afield I found a very pretty and cosy selection from Everbuying, an online store that sells an impressive variety of outerwear and women and mens apparel.

The elegant Rose Jacquard Women's Coat is a long sleeved floral coat, with a beautiful nipped in waist, ruched shoulders and all over rose pattern.  This cotton coat has a lapel neckline and traditional button fastening. Certain to make you stand out on the cold winter days, a reflection of spring to come.

The pearl embellished Sweet Style Lace Worsted Women's Coat  features a combination of materials to make this pretty coat. It has a scooped neck, lace trim and is adorned with golden buttons and faux pearls. It is also available in a variety of colours including apricot, khaki, sky blue, red, pink, yellow, jacinth, grey and black. You're spoilt for choice!

The black Modern Style Stand Collar Women's Dress Coat has a real military meets girly feel with its large golden buttons placed to the shoulders, smart cuffed sleeves, double layered hem and bold belt to fasten. A wonderfully flattering and chic coat.

The camel Hooded Fur Cape-Style Women's Coat features bat sleeves, a full fur hood and stitched buttons to fasten. This cape is sure to keep you snug against the winter chill.

The Lace Splicing Double-Breasted Women's Dust Coat features bow detailing on the reverse and a long tie to the front. This pretty mac also has a delicate lace hem, proving both pretty and practical. It is also available in a variety of colours including army green, dark khaki, jacinth and black.

The camel Lace Stitching Single Button Ladylike Women's Coat features a flattering turn down collar, white laced pleating and a large single button to fasten. A beautiful coat but do be sure to wear a scarf to keep snug with its deep lapeled neckline.

All these coats are astonishling lovely and sure to make you stand out against the often bland selection of winter outerwear. However, do be wary of sizing at Everbuying as it is an Asian store and the products tend to come in smaller sizes than most European websites, double check your measurements to ensure the perfect fit!

Which is your favourite coat? Do you go for practical or pretty when it comes to outerwear?

Stephanie xox

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Beauty Review: Beautiful Brows Kit

Beauty Brows Before and After

Beautiful Brows is a cosmetic company with the right ideals, knowing eyebrows to be 'one of your most important assets'. A statement I agree with wholeheartedly.

The are dedicated to giving their customers the perfect eyebrow shape, definition and colour, manufacturing high quality and exclusive products for eyebrow maintenance and care. Something I believe to be essential to do as to frame the face and feel great!

The Beautiful Brows Kit* is their most popular product, an essential kit for any woman that contains the following items:

Beauty Brows kIT

  • Eyebrow powder - The powder is highly pigmented and does not crumble with use, giving a lovely rich colour with every use.
  • Three eyebrow shapes - The shapes are sleek, natural and bold reusable stencils to create your desired look, I opted for bold as I have quite naturally large eyebrows and wanted to maintain my own shape. These stencils give you the option to vary your look as you see fit and are each noticeably different in size.
  • Duo applicator brush - This labelled brush has a small and firm angled end and a soft rounded to create definition. I used the angled end first and the rounded afterwards to ensure even coverage across my brow.
  • Eyebrow highlighter - The highlighter is a soft and neutral shade to make your eyebrows stand out.
  • Highlighter brush - This labelled brush is soft, sweeping the highlighter under the brow to highlight the shape of the brows.
  • Soft grip tweezers - These tweezers are angled and made from stainless steel with a rubber casing to ensure precision when plucking your eyebrows into shape.
  • Magnifying mirror - The mirror is just perfect for doing your eyebrows on the go and contained within the kit.
All the above can be bought separately online and the kit is refillable so you can always keep the compact handy or take items out as you need them during the day! The compact is very sturdy so perfect for those always on the move.

The Beautiful Brows Kit is also offered in a variety of shades to match your eyebrows to your hair perfectly:

(Slate - blonde to fair, Light Brown - fair to medium, Dark Brown - medium to dark, Chocolate - dark and Black - black)

I opted for the Dark Brown as a person with auburn and brown hair and believed it to much perfectly, giving enough pigment to make my eyebrows really stand out. It was a good match, and as long as you follow the guide you should easily find your perfect shade for you.

Overall, I find this kit essential, it beats my eyebrow pencil any day and the powder is both long lasting and wonderfully pigmented!

Do you do your eyebrows as part of your daily routine? What do you think of the Beautiful Brows kit? 

Stephanie xox

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Fashion Review: Festive Jumpsuits

LOVE Forest Green Jersey Cross Over Bust Jumpsuit-horz(In Love With Fashion, Oasis, ASOS, Young Broke and Fabulous, Wallis and TFNC)

December is here and it is time to wrap up warm and start enjoying the festivities.

Put that little black dress away and opt for something a little warmer and equally as glam this winter with a jumpsuit.

I adore jumpsuits, they are so versatile. You can tone them down or dress them up and when it comes to the day to night transition they always look smart.

The flattering Love Forest Green Jersey Cross Over Bust Jumpsuit from In Love With Fashion is just beautiful. Featuring a deep v-neck, available in an impressive array of colours and from a comfortable soft jersey material. Wear with flats in the day or killer heels in the evening, accessories are key here. I adore the deep green colour too, perfect for Christmas.

The Oasis Sparkle Jumpsuit available from Debenhams is sure to make a statement. This sparkling jumpsuit features adjustable spaghetti straps, a delicate v-neck and a cinched in waist. It is sure to turn heads, best to let the jumpsuit do the talking with this one.

The ASOS Jumpsuit in Animal Baroque Print adds a bit more excitement and definitely does all the talking. The rich colours and bold prints make this just perfect for the festive season. The long sleeves are sure to keep you as snug as you feel fabulous.

The Emily Jumpsuit by Young Fabulous and Broke is another jersey fabric number with a loose fit. Delicate pleats, a scooped neckline and sleeves make for a flattering silhouette. However, it is the deep V back that brings this bold jumpsuit out. One for the daring and a spectacular night time piece.

The Wallis Black Necklace Jumpsuit adds a bit of simplicity for the party season, one to accessorise to the heavens.  It features a sophisticated embellished necklace trim and a fitted shape.

The TFNC Bandeau Jumpsuit with Sequin Bustier features a stunning sequin bustier and sweetheart neckline. The trousers are simplistic, pleated and with pockets to make for a lovely silhouette.

What do you think of these jumpsuits? What are you planning to wear to your festive parties this year?

Stephanie xox

Monday, 2 December 2013

Fashion Review: Blouses by PersunMall

(From left to right)

When it comes to blouses, the brighter the better. When I came across PersunMall I found a massive selection of them, falling in love with all of the above.

The first is the Retro Ethnic Style Totem Pattern Shirt, a baroque patterned shirt with regal and rich colouring. Featuring a smart collar, studded cuffs and small zip to the back.

Next we have the flattering Cross Printed Black Blue White Chiffon Shirt, available in a variety of colours and featuring metallic gold crosses, simplistic buttons and a slouched shape.

The Creative Starlight Pattern Chiffon Shirt features an explosive galaxy print and oversize style while the black Elastic Waist Pleated Skirt Type Shirt provides a feminine shape with its cinched in waist, beautifully detailed neckline and v-dipped back.

The red High Low Shirt With Skull Button features gold studded shoulders and skull button detailing upon the buttons and pockets.

Lastly, we have the most flamboyant of the collection with the Printed Long Sleeves Shirt With Lace Embellished. This shirts simplistic white body is shrouded with black lace shoulders and floral detailing to the arms, proving to be as interesting as it is beautiful.

Which of these blouses are your favourite? Do you opt for simplicity or vibrancy when choosing your own?

 Stephanie xox

Accessories Review: Urban Outfitters Hip Flasks

So this may be a bit of a strange post but browsing the Urban Outfitters website I found the most wonderful selection of stainless steel hip flasks for girls and boys alike.

If you are looking for a good (and not so conventional) gift for Christmas then look no further!
CLASSThe Moonstone Rain Hip Flask is just adorable, both colourful and fun with its  multi-coloured stone embellishment. I never really thought of a hip flask as an accessory for an outfit but this is certain to bring out some sparkle with its adornments.

I love the beautiful teal colour and italicised graphic slogan 'Girls With Class Don't Need A Glass' upon the Girls Class Hip Flask. Although slightly ironic, it is lovely. Perfect for sneaking in your clutch during an extortionate festive night out.

HOLY WATERThe Tabby Cat Hip Flask is utterly adorable, especially for any cat lovers that you know out there. This hip flask is beyond cute and I honestly don't see how anyone could not adore it! Unless you dislike cats of course, but that in itself is just madness.

The Holy Water Hip Flask may appear a tad blasphemous (okay, very blasphemous) considering it is the festive season and all. However, I guess the wording is accurate for those who like to sneakily secure our favourite drinks, I highly doubt anyone will use it to contain water though.

The Frisky Whiskey Hip Flask provides a bit of cheeky humour as well as being practical. Who doesn't enjoy whiskey at Christmas time? Maybe it's just me having a large Irish family...

There is a Christmas present sorted! Each of these flasks hold 180ml of your desired liquid and there is loads more available online priced between £12 and £20.

Which is your favourite? What do you think of a hip flask as a Christmas present?

Stephanie xox

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Fashion Review: Knee High Socks by MySocks

MYSOCKSMint Green Knee High Socks* – MySocks
Playsuit – Miss Selfridge
Classic Tan Ugg Boots –  Ugg

With winter coming at us with full force there is not a person who ventures outside not wrapped up and woolly to the heavens.

Jumpers on and knee high socks pulled above my pins, I have too often made the mistake of going out in the winter without proper socks and footwear on.

MySocks offers a massive variety of socks available to keep you snug and specifically a very impressive collection of knee highs. Lucky for me!

FLOWERRED DOTThey have both plain and  patterned styles and are always updating their stock with new designs. I chose the funky Red Dot, pretty Flower and cool Mint Green* (as pictured above).

What I love about these socks is the quality, they are very stretchy and do not fall down (the bane of any knee high sock lovers day), staying in place throughout the day.

Not only are they perfect against the winter chill but very affordable, with prices starting from £3.50 for cotton socks that can be worn casually or on a night out!

Do you wear knee high socks? Which design is your favourite?

My first tattoo...


It has taken me six year to take the plunge and get my first tattoo and I am glad I waited it out.

I wanted to be 100% sure and to satisfy my mother (she has never liked tattoos). Since my early teenage years I have wanted the above. This little illustration of a robin has a lot of meaning to myself and it is something I find myself often shy about sharing the story behind (odd for me considering how often I talk and write!).

The tattoo is in memory of my late grandfather. As a child I was very imaginative, believing that after he died he came back to visit me as a little robin on frosty days and even some sunny ones.

Whenever I saw the pretty red-breasted bird I would always have a great day and it has remained the same my entire life and is a great comfort for me when times are a bit tough.

Strange to some, but it keeps me happy knowing I will always have it. In a way, it keeps my grandfather close to me!

Do you like it? Do you have any tattoos?

Stephanie xox