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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fashion Review: Vintage Sequin Top


I think by now my obsession with vintage and down right odd clothing is apparent.

Having recently moved back to Nottingham for my next academic year I find myself in vintage heaven, a town with over a dozen independent stores.

I got this beautifully detailed sequin top from Baklash, a very reasonable vintage clothing shop with three floors to explore! I have bought there before and just can't resist a peek every time I wander by.

This sequin top cost me £15 and I have seen similar on the high street for a lot more! It is a little big but I adore it, it really reminds me of the 1920's era with their long sequined gowns.

I wore it for my first night out in the city and to a very loud and hilarious karaoke night at a local club and felt just lovely in it!

You really never know what you will find, so get digging a little deeper girls and boys!

Do you enjoy vintage shopping? What is your favourite item?

Stephanie xox

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