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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Music Video Review: Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball'


Now this is a first for me, delving into the detail of a video as well as the music but all the outrage has led me to it.

Miley has received a lot of criticism lately for her tounge-in-cheek and somewhat outlandish behaviour. A beloved teen star to a rather provocative woman, is this just her 'growing up' or is there something a little more sinister going on here?

Looking into the oh so controversial and new single 'Wrecking Ball' I see a rather heartbroken and vulnerable young woman. Either it has been expertly choreographed, like videos often are, or there is someone in the centre who is genuinely broken, expressing herself via the biggest outlet imaginable.

To me the video seems to be about the deterioration of her relationship with on-off fiance Liam Hemsworth, a relationship that has destroyed her and left her wanting to escape and even reinvent herself, thus giving us this 'new' Miley we all love to hate raving on about.

I came in like a wrecking ballI never hit so hard in love. All I wanted was to break your wallsAll you ever did was break me.

 Shocking to her diehard fans, she straddles and swings upon a giant wrecking ball, entirely naked. This certainly gets the message across, gosh does love leave you vulnerable, oh how destructive it can be.

The almost erotic tonguing of the sledgehammer is a bit more peculiar if you ask me. It is said to show her love of the pain of the relationship, keeping it alive, another excuse to hold on.

All that aside, I actually really enjoy the song, finding it incredibly raw, emotional and empowering. If only all girls had an outlet like that eh!

However, I assure you it is all a show, the girl is broken and let's hope she can find the power to find herself once more.

What is your take on the video? Do you like the song?

Stephanie xox

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Accessories Review: Vivienne Westwood Red Patent Wallet


I have a serious problem when it comes to buying things that I cannot really afford but after working all summer I decided to treat myself.

vivienne.jpg1I think every girl has a designer she just adores and mine is Vivienne Westwood, I love the bright colours, quirky prints and the woman herself - she is in my opinion a genius.

On a last minute trip to Bicester Village in Oxford (a discounted designer haven in the UK), I chose a toned down and simplistic red patent wallet. I battled with black but red won due to matching a pair of Vivienne Westwood and Melissa pumps I had been bought earlier this year, as seen in my Flowers in Spring OOTD post.

I adore my new wallet and its discounted price tags. It is amazing to be able to fit my masses of cards and dwindling pennies in and looks lovely with its patent out and leather inner.

I think red may have just become my new black. Oops.

Do you like the wallet? What is your favourite designer?

Stephanie xox

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fashion Review: Vintage Sequin Top


I think by now my obsession with vintage and down right odd clothing is apparent.

Having recently moved back to Nottingham for my next academic year I find myself in vintage heaven, a town with over a dozen independent stores.

I got this beautifully detailed sequin top from Baklash, a very reasonable vintage clothing shop with three floors to explore! I have bought there before and just can't resist a peek every time I wander by.

This sequin top cost me £15 and I have seen similar on the high street for a lot more! It is a little big but I adore it, it really reminds me of the 1920's era with their long sequined gowns.

I wore it for my first night out in the city and to a very loud and hilarious karaoke night at a local club and felt just lovely in it!

You really never know what you will find, so get digging a little deeper girls and boys!

Do you enjoy vintage shopping? What is your favourite item?

Stephanie xox

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Fashion Review: DIY Levi Jeans

Levi DIY

So I cheated on this one a little and bought my shorts pre-cut and dyed from a very wet and muddy Y Not? Festival this summer and for a reasonable £15...

However, I have seen high-waisted customised shorts like these cost as much as £50 and that is just a little too extortionate for my liking!

I studded the pockets of these jeans myself with golden spiked studs from eBay, a pointed screwdriver and chalk. Drawing the guidance lines with the chalk it was a very swift affair and I literally just spaced them out and clicked them in! To ensure your studs stay firmly in place a little bit of superglue when securing would not go amiss! There are so many types available, you just have to look!

I love customised and pre loved clothing. There is nothing nicer than having items that are a bit different and special in comparison to what is available on the high street.

Do you like customised shorts? Would you give these a go? 

Stephanie xox