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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Summer Fashion - Festival, fun and frolics ♥

Summer is approaching, the days are getting longer, warmer and the clothes a lot brighter and more interesting.

These lasting days will soon be filled with good music, fast-paced festivals, day trips and sporting endeavors. I have always found myself attempting new things with my newly found summertime freedom. As I have been a student for as long as I care to remember, I have always had around three blissful months in which to do so.

As a child there was always a new hobby, looking back to my summer adventures I find myself reminiscing on a short time in which I attempted horseriding. I have always enjoyed the idea of it, but it becomes an expensive hobby pretty quickly and needs true dedication, something I find myself sadly lacking when it comes to sports.
Caldene Belgrade BreechesHowever, even if I do not participate,  I can still take inspiration and be influenced by the equestrian fashion. Not only do horseriders work hard, they often look rather good while doing so. Just look to the outfits worn during dressage, it is not all riding hats, leather crops and masses of muck.
Burnhills is a website dedicated to everything equestrian and I mean everything! It is for the fashionable animal lover and the fashionable, and I often find websites like these to be hidden gems.
The site is packed with fashionable treats, Hunter wellingtons, lovey jodhpurs  beautiful riding jackets,  leather boots, breeches and cosy jackets for the late evening chill once the sun begins to crawl back down once more.
Shires Equestrian Huntingdon Ladies Jacket
I find the breeches (Caldene Belgrade Ladies Breeches Black) are particularly flattering. Although breeches can be quite thick, they always maintain a lovely fit. I love the black and grey of them also, the black on the legs appears more slimming as they grey offers a bit more curve, I am all about nicely fitted clothing and who doesn't want to look fabulous?
Hunters Original Red Wellington
The green riding jacket (Shires Equestrian Huntingdon Ladies Jacket) I just adore, I don't see how anyone could not want this. Not only does it  complement but would also look lovely for most summer occasions with its delicate and striking velvet trims and beautiful satin lining.
Odette Ladies Navy Hoody
As for the Original red Hunters I already have mine waiting for their festival debut (although the slightly different 'Original Tour' edition). Hunters are classics, be it for use during long English country walks or frivolous festivals. I am planning to get my own really messy during Y Not festival in Derbyshire with my beautiful friend Lauren. The festival is on my 20th pre-birthday weekend so I will be attempting to look as nice as possible before crawling back home with them on my birthday morning, dirty and worn out from all the fun.
Ah but what happens when the sun sets and you start to get a bit nippy while making all these summertime memories? Well we also have the lovely deep navy blue and embroidered trim Odette Hoody to scare off the chill, both pretty and practical.
It seems fashion inspiration can really come from the most peculiar of places. Burnhills almost makes me want to get on a horse again!

What festivals are you off to this summer and what are you planning to wear for them? Anyone planning on starting any new sports?

Stephanie xox

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