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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Vintage Jumpers, my obsession. ♥


Anyone who knows me knows that I like any clothes that are old or "odd".

I am the kind of person that will trawl through vintage hoards, charity shops or the web to find something that is just perfect for me.

I also like being cosy, so when I spotted these two vintage beauties online I simply could not resist.

Sure I know it is summer soon but the chill is still pretty binding, I am certain these will still be wearable for the next few weeks and if not say hello to a knitwear covered winter!

The first a jumper by Tulip, with a lovely consistent rose pattern and collar, super warm and pretty.

The second a little more impressive and ancient. This psychedelic mix of dots and stripes is by St. Michael, known to us as the beloved Marks and Spencer since 2000. However, it is a size 14 but I do love the oversized look (even if it can be somewhat unflattering to the larger chested girl at times)!

What do you think of these? Which would you pick, if any!

Stephanie xox

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