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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Nail Review: Rio Complete Nail Art Discovery Collection


What girl doesn't long for perfectly groomed and pretty nails? I know I do!

Alas, as a person who persistently  bites under stress (horrid habit I know) it is very rare rio nailsfor my nails to look as beautiful as they could be.

The Rio Complete Nail Art Discovery Collection* satisfies all your nail decorating and art needs, allowing you to customise to your hearts content. This includes customisation with colours, prints, art pens, foils, glitter and gems.

The set includes three polishes in the vibrant shades of red, green and orange (the latter being my utmost favourite, peculiar I know!) and three pretty nail art pens in pretty pink, gold and red to allow you to go wild with your hopefully steady freehand.

What I love the most is the stunning printed nail foils, my particular favourite being a lovely floral foil, easily applied with the help of a detailed manual and even a DVD!

There is also the addition of six nail gem pots, a fruity nail print wheel and a variety of tools for easy application!

The site also offers laser hair removalanti ageing productshome pedicures, and you thought nail art pens were exciting!

Do you like to decorate your nails? What is your favourite item in this set?

Stephanie xox

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