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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Home for Easter ♥


The second term of university has proven itself to be rather difficult for me. The workload increased dramatically and I found myself slipping away a bit. I am determined to get back to my old cheery and bright self and will be a changed woman by the time third term whizzes round (that being in a weeks time,  eek!).

However, I find myself going back to an assessment or two and lots of revision for three seemingly difficult exams! A clear head is needed. I finish university completely on the 11th of June and I have lots planned for the summer. This includes Y Not Festival, Reading Festival and a holiday or two! Plus it is my 20th! YAY! A trip to the seaside is also a must! I went to Devon last year for a week and just loved being on the beach!


Being back home for the break is just lovely. I have my comfy double  bed, home cooked food and my fat cat Jachibo. Plus it is Easter Sunday so there is the addition of three cute and yummy Easter eggs to devour over the week!

I am planning on catching up with all my dearly missed friends, sleeping, revising (as much as possible), babysitting and hanging out with my mother and sister! I promised my mam a waffle for Mothers Day so will be taking her out for that and a very long catch up! I have missed a lot of people and summer really could not come sooner. Here is to hoping the sun starts shining again soon!


What are you doing with your Easter holidays? Are you having a nice Easter Sunday?

Stephanie xox

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