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Monday, 18 March 2013

Hello Kitty Tin Set ♥


In life you meet some people that you know you will be friends with for years to come.

Starting university in October proved a little stressful for me (and most I believe!) and at times I think I would have just quit if I did not have such amazing friends around me. One amazing friend in particular being Lauren, a fantastic writer, fellow print journalism student and very talented fashionista.

For no reason at all Lauren presented these to me, literally just to make me smile. In our few months together she has done more for me than most have in a lifetime and I truly love her for it.

It is her birthday on the 31st of this month (so be sure to follow her blog!) so we are going to have a lovely girly celebration this Wednesday! Cocktails and pretty dresses galore! I will be sure to update you as will she!

These gorgeous tins were lovingly found in TK Maxx on one of Lauren's little hauling adventures (she is as much a stationary freak as myself). They are being used at the moment to house all my little trinkets and keepsakes and will be very dear to me for years to come. Anyone who reads this blog knows I just adore Hello Kitty and that I am always looking to grow my little collection.

Do you have that one amazing girl or boy in your life? What do you think of these super cute tins?

Stephanie xox

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