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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Home for Easter ♥


The second term of university has proven itself to be rather difficult for me. The workload increased dramatically and I found myself slipping away a bit. I am determined to get back to my old cheery and bright self and will be a changed woman by the time third term whizzes round (that being in a weeks time,  eek!).

However, I find myself going back to an assessment or two and lots of revision for three seemingly difficult exams! A clear head is needed. I finish university completely on the 11th of June and I have lots planned for the summer. This includes Y Not Festival, Reading Festival and a holiday or two! Plus it is my 20th! YAY! A trip to the seaside is also a must! I went to Devon last year for a week and just loved being on the beach!


Being back home for the break is just lovely. I have my comfy double  bed, home cooked food and my fat cat Jachibo. Plus it is Easter Sunday so there is the addition of three cute and yummy Easter eggs to devour over the week!

I am planning on catching up with all my dearly missed friends, sleeping, revising (as much as possible), babysitting and hanging out with my mother and sister! I promised my mam a waffle for Mothers Day so will be taking her out for that and a very long catch up! I have missed a lot of people and summer really could not come sooner. Here is to hoping the sun starts shining again soon!


What are you doing with your Easter holidays? Are you having a nice Easter Sunday?

Stephanie xox

Friday, 29 March 2013

Music Review: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus @ Rock City, Nottingham


There are some bands you just love from childhood and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are one of mine.
Arriving at Rock City on a very chilly March evening I was surprised to find the bands playing in the smaller and more intimate downstairs room known as the "basement". The first support, Rat Attack, began their set quickly. Their lead wearing a black sparkly shirt to die for, good looking and fun as he encouraged crowd surfing and dived in himself towards the end of the set. The "party punk" band proved skilled and I can see their energetic music becoming popular, definately one to watch.

It seemed crowd involvement would also be key as the Swedish band Tantrum to Blind took to the stage. Led by feisty blonde Melanie Mohlkert the female-led foursome proved just as impressive as their side cuts.  It was a slow and quiet start but the crowd were soon singing along and bouncing about as they got more familiar with the band, preparing themselves for the main event. Tantrum to Blind proved very fun indeed with their dabbling in electronica, rock and pop, a mix of genres to satisfy most. The foursome appeared ecstatic as they exclaimed Nottingham as the "best crowd we've had this tour" and left with beaming smiles, lurking around the merchandise area to speak to their new and squealing fans.

As The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus arrived the crowd went wild on their feet, appearing a lot more plentiful as people gathered around. They began the set perfectly with 'False Pretense' from their first (and my all time favourite) album Don't You Fake It. The lively crowd moved and snapped along, cameras in hand. Moving  on to newer things they began 'Don't Hate' from the 2010 EP The Hell or High Water with Ronnie Winters showing just how loud those screams can be.

However, it was not long before we were back to the popular and classic Don't You Fake it of 2006 with the songs 'In Fate's Hands', 'Cat and Mouse' and 'Damn Regret', encouraging a mass of mosh circles and big smiles. Winters humbly asked if we could recall the older music as people swayed to the softer 'Cat and Mouse', before demanding the crowd to become rowdy for  'Damn Regret': " We came all the way from Florida for you guys, get those fists in the air".

We then got round to 'The Crazy Ones' off their new album Et Tu, Brute? Unfortunately I couldn't really hear Winters on the microphone but the fast pace of the music kept people going and it proved itself to be a popular and anticipated song. Back to the past again with 'Reap' from the third album Am I The Enemy 2011. Everyone went a bit mad here, their arms flying about nicely to Winters impressive set of lungs and the rest of the bands impressive guitar riffs and drum solos.

The band from Florida then gave us 'Justify' with Winters saying: "not the most popular but one of our favourites" before encouraging a mosh circle and a load of screams with 'Casting the First Stone' from The Hell or High Water.

Onto calmer things we got an acoustic version of both 'Your Guardian Angel' and 'Seventeen Ain't So Sweet', the latter done by Winters as a solo as he exclaimed: "I sing and you sing,  just you and me, no effects." Calm entered the basement as arms swayed and the crowd sang along, an experienced Winters singing strongly with them.

However, this is Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and we all know they don't do things quietly for long. The band finished with the oh so powerful 'Face Down', a favourite of many from their first album. I am sure that the sounds of clapping and vibrations from the movement of the mosh upon the floor echoed that intimate basement for some time after we all departed.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Hello Kitty Tin Set ♥


In life you meet some people that you know you will be friends with for years to come.

Starting university in October proved a little stressful for me (and most I believe!) and at times I think I would have just quit if I did not have such amazing friends around me. One amazing friend in particular being Lauren, a fantastic writer, fellow print journalism student and very talented fashionista.

For no reason at all Lauren presented these to me, literally just to make me smile. In our few months together she has done more for me than most have in a lifetime and I truly love her for it.

It is her birthday on the 31st of this month (so be sure to follow her blog!) so we are going to have a lovely girly celebration this Wednesday! Cocktails and pretty dresses galore! I will be sure to update you as will she!

These gorgeous tins were lovingly found in TK Maxx on one of Lauren's little hauling adventures (she is as much a stationary freak as myself). They are being used at the moment to house all my little trinkets and keepsakes and will be very dear to me for years to come. Anyone who reads this blog knows I just adore Hello Kitty and that I am always looking to grow my little collection.

Do you have that one amazing girl or boy in your life? What do you think of these super cute tins?

Stephanie xox

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Beauty Review: Origins Sample Trio


On discovering that Origins were doing sample pots of their products I dashed down to my nearest counter to get my three.

I found the VitaZing Moisturiser really did its job when moisturising my rather damaged skin. I have been putting it through the mill lately and not been having nearly enough sleep or fluids so it left it feeling very hydrated. The stone grey cream leaves the skin feeling very soft and the only downside to it was its peculiar smell, unnoticeable when applied.  It also contains antioxidant-rich Mangosteen which studies show helps to calm irritable skin.

 With the lack of sleep you can imagine my poor eyes are not looking their best either. GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream is a pastel pink cream that really cools and soothes as you dab it on, making you feel a lot more awake when starting the day. It really is refreshing and I am optimistic that it can lessen those dark circles with time! It also contains caffeine so is perfect to quicken the restoration of those tired eyes. 

For the Clear Improvement Mask I used a warm cloth to open my pores before drying and applying the  clay like substance. Leaving it to dry hard like a mask, the charcoal coloured sludge gave my face a really tingly and fresh feeling and it reminded me of the GLAMGLOW  Mud Mask I have reviewed previously. It left my skin feeling wonderfully smooth but a little tight. I did notice my face looked a lot cleaner though and I imagine with consistent use this would be brilliant for people struggling with an oily t-zone. As I have quite dry skin it is probably not the best product for me!

Have you tried Origins before? Are you going to get some of your own samples?

Stephanie xox