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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Beauty Review: Elemental Herbology Bio-Cellular Super Cleanse


I often find that when people go through their cleansing routine they neglect the most important and beautiful part of the body, their face!

We scrub ourselves till we sparkle, but our poor faces tend to get just a dash of cool water. A good facial wash can really keep you glowing, removing excess oil and generally keeping spots or imperfections at bay.

When I came across the Elemental Herbology Bio-Cellular Super Cleanse* I was very impressed indeed. This facial cleanser makes me feel fabulous with its milky texture and impressive ingredients.  The smell is also refreshing with a strong lavender and citrus fragrance. Elemental Herbology themselves comment on the cleanser being "rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 and skin-brightening botanicals which help to gently purify the skin and stimulate cell turnover." 

I applied a small amount of the cleanser to my face and worked it in with small circular motions. It  feels very much like a moisturiser, so sunk in to the skin nicely. Malic acid is used to exfoliate the dead skin while lipofructyl argan works to nourish it.

I rinsed it all off with my Kleenex facial cloths and noticed instantly how fresh my face felt and looked.  I put this purely down to the ingredients, in particular the oils.

The cleanser contains lavender, ubuntu boabab and macadamia oil, working together to calm, soothe and soften the skin. The inclusion of rosehip and camellia works to nourish and moisturise, while vitamin C is used to target pigmented areas. With so many lovely natural ingredients, how can you resist?

What do you think of this cleanser? What is your facial cleansing routine?

Stephanie xox

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