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Monday, 4 February 2013

Accessories Review: Sheaffer, Ferrari 100 Ballpoint & Pencil Set


Well this is certainly something a little bit different. Pens and pencils not so much, I am training to be a journalist after all!

FerrariBoxHowever, the Ferrari branding upon an item of my stationary is certainly something you won't have seen before. Like the stunning car, this Ferrari 100 Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set in Gloss Black* by Sheaffer proves to be the height of luxury.

The duo come presented in a sleek red box with the gleaming Ferrari logo. The duo are finished with a subtle emblem upon the top of each. The classic glossy black finish just makes me adore this inspired set.

The pen is a ballpoint, both sleek to look at, and write with. It is very easy and comfortable to hold and my childlike handwriting honestly does not do the quality of this pen justice (but doesn't Peter Rabbit look sweet!). Not only is the pen a pleasure to write with, but you can also refill it accordingly. If  you are like me ,and could use it within the week, then do not fear! Just refill with Sheaffer K ballpoint refills.

PensLogoThe pencil looks just as amazing as the pen but proves to annoy me somewhat. I am not sure if I am just daft, or if there is no way to retract the led once you have clicked it out? I am truly baffled by this but presume there must be a way as the pencil also accepts refills of 0.7mm leads.

I loved the polish metal clips and the Sheaffer white dot upon each, proving the quality of the set and the excellence of the  writing that they produce.

Stone Marketing comment that "each writing instrument reflects the same profound passion, extraordinary talent and incredible expertise that drives the Scuderia Ferrari Racing Team."

These would make a perfect gift for any racing car enthusiast, I know what I will be getting my uncle for his next birthday!

 What do you think of this set? What is your favourite type of writing pen?

Stephanie xox


  1. This looks like an amazing gift, I love fancy stationary :) x

    1. Same! I am not a big car fan but I adore these.

      Definitely investing in a pretty Parker soon!

      Stephanie xox