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Monday, 11 February 2013

Accessories Review: Custom Phone Cases from CaseApp!

Words can not describe how happy I was when this little beauty arrived at my door.

This custom iPhone case* is completely customised by me and as you can see is very unique and personal.

This pretty case is from CaseApp, a company that enables you to create your own cases for  your iPhone 4, 4S and 5. The only downside is for those without an iPhone they do not yet provide cases for other phone brands, boo!

My case features a beautiful blue floral print and six cheesy but memory filled snaps of me and the other half. It also has a little personal saying of ours along the bottom in a pretty and pink italicized font.
PhoneCaseReverseI just love the simplicity and variety of the customisation, enabling you the ability to make your dream case in a few clicks!

You can add multiple images (as seen above) and text to your case, all of which you can adjust in size. There is even clip art feature, although that proves to only have a few images.

What I found especially handy was that you can preview your case alongside the customisation options by refreshing after each edit.

The quality of the case is just so brilliant, a sturdy and thick plastic. I chose white but there is also the options of having your case black of transparent.

The print  upon the case appears to be very resistant, definitely not something that will wear easily! This often proving to be the bane of iPhone users lives, buying cases only to find them beginning to wear out within the week. The pictures and text  also feel textured, showing just how effective the printing technique is.

My seemingly harsh flash honestly does not do the quality of this beautiful case justice!

What do you think of CaseApp? Would you like your own personally designed case?

Stephanie xox


  1. Perfect, you just gave me my best friend's Christmas present months in advance! Great post!

    1. Ah yay! That is fabulous to hear aha!

      Could put everything you both love on it! :)

      Stephanie xox