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Monday, 4 February 2013

50 random facts about me. ❤


  1. I write a lot.
  2. I study print journalism at university and got into my first choice (yay).
  3. I have wanted to be a journalist since I was 5.
  4. I am so intrigued by law too, I hope to study it for my MA.
  5. I hope to travel the world one day and record my findings as I go.
  6. I love travelling, especially by coach or train.
  7. I am obsessed with Hello Kitty.hello_kitty
  8. I only eat white meat, red meat just makes me feel ill. I also can't stand the taste of butter or margarine.
  9. I also have issues with the texture of food. Mushrooms are a big no.
  10. I am engaged and have been with my boyfriend since I was 15. He is the best friend a girl could ever ask for. 38903_1573941468506_5259107_n
  11. My engagement ring was handmade in Dublin in the 1950's and features two diamonds. I find this rather peculiar as they usually have the 1, 3 or loads.
  12. I won't be married till after university and have already found my dress!
  13. I grew up in Oxford and think it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
  14. I want to move to London after university. I crave the big city and fast pace of life it brings.
  15. My dream house would be one of the white apartments just down from Baker Street, London.
  16. I adore vintage clothing, I like to have something unique.
  17. I love anything sparkly or floral.imageresize
  18. If it is not vintage then it most likely comes from River Island.
  19. People mistake my accent a lot for that of a farmer from the South-East. However, I am half Irish.
  20. I lived in Ireland from the age of 2 till 6, hence the peculiar accent.
  21. I currently have 14 notebooks on my desk and these will probably be full in the next 3 months.
  22. I am a theme part fanatic.
  23. My favourite restaurant chain is T.G.I Fridays'. Sesame chicken strips are heaven on earth.
  24. Chinese food is my favourite takeaway.
  25. I love subtitled films, especially Korean.
  26. I also love Disney films. Disneyland is still magical to me and I am 19 aha.
  27. My favourite Disney princess is Ariel.
  28. I have to tie my hair up in a bun when I am writing or studying.139048707215678721_hFmFM4AM_c_large
  29. I live in oversize cardigans.
  30. At one point I had 16 piercings (tongue, scaffold, tragus, navel, skin diver, cartilage and lobes). I now just have my lobes.
  31. I find it really difficult to part with toys. I still have a little orange monkey that James won me when he was 14.
  32. I love lazy gaming or movie days.
  33. My favourite game of all time is Jade Empire.
  34. I have a cat named Jachobi. He looks like a brute but is a huge baby who gives me kissed and lets me carry him around all day.522747_10200116422653374_1788143535_n
  35. I am not a morning person. Take my sleep from me and you will regret it aha.
  36. Me and James plan to travel across America in a motor home when we are nice and old.
  37. I bruise so easily. If you flick me I guarantee I will bruise (not good for when I play fight with James).
  38. I was born in August so that makes my zodiac sign Leo. I think the star signs traits fit me perfectly.
  39. I am really into ancient history. Particularly that of the Egyptians and Tudors.
  40. If I could meet anyone who was dead I would love to meet Elizabeth I.Elizabeth_I_(Armada_Portrait)
  41. I am a non-practicing Catholic. I was communed but never made my confirmation.
  42. I have 3 of the most beautiful best friends. Their names are Imogen, Kiran and Ellie (Or Immy, Kiki and El).
  43. My favourite make up brand is Benefit.
  44. I can sleep at any time except when I am meant to at night.
  45. I am also a really light sleeper, the tinniest bit of noise will wake me.
  46. I can't drink alcohol while eating, it makes me feel ridiculously ill.
  47. I love seeing my grandmother because she makes me an endless supply of pancakes (James gets a full English).
  48. I adore the seaside and hope to live there when I am old (after the America road trip obviously).301181_10151254748444623_1698357254_n
  49. I've broken both my arms and have cracked my head open more times than I care to count.
  50. Lists guide my daily life so this is a fitting place to end aha!
What are 50 random facts about you? Do you share any of my oddity's?
Stephanie xox

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