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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Animal Patterns ♥


Cat Face Shoes - Amazon
Squirrel Welly Socks - Cath Kidston
Bird Print Shirt - Oasis
Cat Tapestry Rucksack - Ebay

I love animal prints and patterns, they are always just so adorably cute.

I have wanted the cat face shoes for a while now and was surprisingly unaware of their fame and desire after Alexa Chung donned a pair from Charlotte Olympia's collection. This pair is a steal off Amazon and they also have other colours in stock!

The socks are from Cath Kidston, known for their beautiful prints and patterns. These red squirrel welly socks are no exception and these would be just perfect to wear with my Hunters on a rainy day!

The bird print shirt from Oasis is the most beautiful green colour, almost teal. I love the pocket detailing on the bust and the addition of the gold buttons. This shirt would really add a bit of fun to a smart look, I do have a lot of professional visits coming up after all!

Lastly, we have the woven tapestry rucksack adorned with lots of mischievous kittens. This little rucksack would be just perfect for university, spacious enough for all my books. Only downside is I cannot stand backpacks and I am more of a shoulder bag girl. Alas, my search continues for the perfect kitty print bag!

 Do you like animal patterns? Which is your favourite?

Stephanie xox

Friday, 22 February 2013

Q and A a Day: 5-Year Journal ♥


I love the concept of this diary. It is a five year account that asks a different question each day, enabling to see how your responses have changed over the years.

You can start the diary whenever you desire and you simply fill in the year accordingly. If you do not feel like answering, you don't! You can move on and come back as you see fit. The idea is that you will see how you have developed over the years, enabling you to learn about yourself as you progress.

The questions range greatly, from the simplistic  "what is the most expensive thing you wore today?" to the more interesting and complex, such as, "write down the cure for a broken heart".

The hard back diary is small, so perfect for popping in your bag and noting down the answers to your questions on the go. It also has beautiful metallic gold detail on the paper edges, looking rather fancy and being ideal to give someone as a gift! It has a real quality about it with its detailing and just looks beautiful upon a dresser.

It can be found on Amazon for the bargain price of only £6.19 here.

Do you keep a diary? What do you think about the five year concept?

Stephanie xox

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Flowers in Spring ❤


Vintage Jumper - Honey (Backlash)
Floral Suspender Tights* - Pamela Mann (Barratts)
Vivienne Westwood and Melissa Divine Pumps - Gifted but widely available online

We had what seemed to be the first sunny day this weekend. It really was a little sniff at spring before the midlands turned sour once more.

Me and James walked along the river Soar in Leicester on our way to meet his parents in the town centre. It was a lovely walk, filled with interesting little things to look at, good conversation and a mass of terrifying swans.

It was a bit hot in my jumper with the tease of the suns heat. It is a vintage piece by Honey which I found in the store Backlash in Nottingham. My Floral Suspender Tights* are by Pamela Mann and from Barratts (which have loads of hosiery and shoes on sale!). I really like the floral print of the jumper and tights, the fake suspender detail proved very interesting in the outfit. Lastly, I wore my Vivienne Westwood and Melissa Divine Pumps in red. These were given to me by James on Valentines day and I really like them as they prove pretty and simplistic with their Vivienne Westwood orb detail.

All in all, a very sparkly and floral number which was perfect to greet spring in.

What do you think of this look? You excited for the warmer weather?

Stephanie xox

Monday, 18 February 2013

Hair Care Review: Lee Stafford As Ruff As You Like It Clay

Oh don't you just love the fluorescent pink packaging of Lee Stafford products?

I just knew the AS Ruff AS YoU Like IT* (The Lee Stafford capitalisation, not my own) clay would be just perfect on James' hair. I have never had a need to use clay products and tend to go for mouse or hairspray to add a bit of volume to my hair.

This clay works to give the beloved messy hair look (one me and James cherish) and can be used upon dry or wet hair depending on how extreme you want your styling. It has a nice fragrance, texture of a putty and the colour of actual clay!

What I really like about this product is the inclusion of  both palm oil and Shea butter to treat the hair. It makes the clay easier to work with, giving you that perfect look with its matte finish.
After washing and towel drying his hair, James applied a small amount of the clay and styled as he usually does. James regularly uses the Lynx Messy Look re-workable paste so presented that as his comparison.

He said that the clay was really easy and nice to work with, giving him a messy look without leaving a load of residue in his hair. Lee Stafford promises that the clay will give the hair "texture, definition and control" and James found it did. He also noted that the clay did not leave his hair feeling greasy like most hair products can. 

It really provides a rough and ready, just-got-out-of-bed style and an impressive hold.

Have you tried any Lee Stafford products? What hair products do you use daily?

Stephanie xox

Win £75 to spend at marc b. & £175 to spend at ASOS with E-tail PR!


The idea behind this competition is to create an collage of your dream ASOS outfit based around one of  Marc B's new season bags and totaling no more than £250.

I have decided on a fun daytime look. The heeled geo patterned boots prove bold teamed with the shine of the black disco pants. The pretty double pleated collar of the cream blouse is complimented by the high waist of the pants, and brings the outfit back to a daytime look. The oversize pastel knit cardigan really completes this lovely day time look, while the gorgeous Marc B, tanned Monica bag makes it!

To enter this competition you must first sign up to the E-tail PR blogger network here. Once signed up, you need to upload the approved banner upon your blog before creating your collage. Once your post is live, send your link to by 9am on Friday 22nd Febuary. The winner will then be handpicked on the 25th!

Good luck everyone! Would you pick anything I have chosen?

Stephanie xox

Friday, 15 February 2013

Skin Care Review: L'Occitane Shea Honey Hand Cream


I recently saw L'Occitane doing a give away upon their Facebook page. On reaching 75000 likes they promised to send out vouchers so that their customers could redeem one tube of their 30ml hand cream. You were allowed to choose between Shea Honey, Shea Butter, Lavender, Cherry Blossom and Rose des Champs.

Although tempted by the beautiful floral scent of Rose des Champs, I chose the Shea Honey Hand Cream and it is just wonderful! To be brutally honest I never purchased an item from L'Occitane before and my previous experience with the brand comes from sneaking a dash of my mums creams from time to time.

However, the Shea honey hand cream is part of a limited edition range so I just had to pick it!  It has such a delicious and sweet scent of honey, which proves to be very long lasting. It also contains twenty per cent of natural Shea butter, which has worked its wonders in nurturing and revitalising my winter damaged hands. The thick white cream soaks in to the hands, leaving them instantly soft and nourished and without the usual stickiness associated with hand creams.

The creamy formula is also gentle enough for those with sensitive skin and I put this down to all the lovely natural ingredients within. It really does soothe and comfort tired and aching hands. I write all day, every day, so I would know!

To top this wonderful product off, the packaging is just adorable! A little illustrated brown bear sits eating his honey as his bee companions buzz around him tending to their hive.

This cream is only available in 30ml so is brilliantly handy for those constantly on the go. Unfortunately, it is still limited edition, so those who have fallen in love (like me) then you best stock up quick!

Have you tried L'Occitane hand creams before? What was your experience? 

Stephanie xox

Valentine's Day ♥


So Valentine's day was just lovely yesterday. I awoke to these little red Vivienne Westwood for Melissa beauties and was very excited for the rest of the day.

I had a long day at university first to endure so managed to get to James in Leicester for about five. We exchanged cards and chocolates (James knowing me too well and getting me Cadbury Oreo) and had good intentions to buy and cook, a beautiful dine for two meal from Marks and Spencer. That plan proved to be pretty short lived and we decided upon a Nando's wings platter aha!


It proved to be very delicious and we waddled toward home, full and satisfied.

The journey back proved rather funny as we attempted to walk along the canal to find the majority of the paths were flooded. This led to a lot of tip-toeing, giggling and running away screaming from hoards of about thirty swans (I will never understand how Leicester seems to have so many!).

We spent the evening at James' just relaxing and chatting away. The end to a fun and laughter filled day

What did you spend on Valentines doing? What is your favourite thing about it?

Stephanie xox

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Spring 2013 Wishlist ❤


I want these so badly! Only problem is I am useless with studs and would probably just end up losing them on my travels. A girl can always dream though! Here is to hoping I can save up for them.

I love the contrast of the white body and black sleeves. The oriental print just proves so unique too! Only downside is the denim collar, I honestly think there is so much going on it terms of colour as it is! Alas, I would still kill to have this in my wardrobe.

I have to invest in this (buy one get one half price at Boots on Models own at the moment!). I really like the mix of purple and blue glitter flakes. They would just look perfect upon a black or lilac polish.

I really need a "pleather" skirt. This high waisted beauty would not only go with anything, but has the lovely pleat detailing too. Would be really nice  just to tuck a t shirt into and head off into university. It would also look amazing with the Dr Marten Evan boots.

I am just in love with the boots. I have always wanted a pair of Dr Martens but found them to be pretty bulky looking! When I saw these fabric floral boots featuring a "wild flowers" pattern I was desperate to buy them. The fabric boots prove to be a bit slimmer than their leather brothers and look very feminine and sweet! Perfect for those chilly spring mornings!

What do you think of the above items? What are you hoping to buy this spring?

Stephanie xox

Monday, 11 February 2013

Lashes of London Wishlist ♥


Most of the above items are from the Lashes of London sale and they prove to be just as equally adorable as their new SS2013 collection.

When E-Tail PR offered a voucher prize of £200  to spend at Lashes of London for the composition of a wishlist of the same price, I just could not resist!

To take part you must create a college of your favourite items of no more than £200, link back via the designated link to Lashes of London and email your wish list over to:

You can check all the details here.

Here are my top picks!

Darcy Peplum Jacquard Skirt (£13.50)
I love the subtle mix of prints and fabrics on this textured peplum skirt. The central bow detail is just so cute too!


New Romantic Velvet Leggings (£7.50)
These just look so regal and luxurious, not to mention super soft and comfy! I love the deep red, I could see these going with pretty much anything.


Deco Origami Jacquard Dress (£22.50)
I adore this bold floral print and the deep blue. The neckline looks like it would be really flattering on my bust too.


Cult PU Pleated Skirt (£21)
This high waisted pleated skirt is just adorable. It too would look effortless and fashionable with pretty much anything. It is one of those items you can wear everyday yet still dress it up at night!


Eccentricity Dip Hem Blouse (£13.50)
Well the colourful galaxy inspired print just fascinates me. I just love wearing blouses. The waterfall hem at the back proves to be very interesting also!


Parker Studded Bandeau Playsuit (£14.40)
This would just be beautiful to wear out. I love the sweetheart neckline and gold stud detail. This would be the perfect outfit for a date!


Rococo Caviar Beaded Dress (£90)
This dress is just so elegant. I love the gold detailing and the simple style. I would be saving this for a very special occasion indeed!

Do you like my chosen items? What would you choose?

Stephanie xox

Accessories Review: Custom Phone Cases from CaseApp!

Words can not describe how happy I was when this little beauty arrived at my door.

This custom iPhone case* is completely customised by me and as you can see is very unique and personal.

This pretty case is from CaseApp, a company that enables you to create your own cases for  your iPhone 4, 4S and 5. The only downside is for those without an iPhone they do not yet provide cases for other phone brands, boo!

My case features a beautiful blue floral print and six cheesy but memory filled snaps of me and the other half. It also has a little personal saying of ours along the bottom in a pretty and pink italicized font.
PhoneCaseReverseI just love the simplicity and variety of the customisation, enabling you the ability to make your dream case in a few clicks!

You can add multiple images (as seen above) and text to your case, all of which you can adjust in size. There is even clip art feature, although that proves to only have a few images.

What I found especially handy was that you can preview your case alongside the customisation options by refreshing after each edit.

The quality of the case is just so brilliant, a sturdy and thick plastic. I chose white but there is also the options of having your case black of transparent.

The print  upon the case appears to be very resistant, definitely not something that will wear easily! This often proving to be the bane of iPhone users lives, buying cases only to find them beginning to wear out within the week. The pictures and text  also feel textured, showing just how effective the printing technique is.

My seemingly harsh flash honestly does not do the quality of this beautiful case justice!

What do you think of CaseApp? Would you like your own personally designed case?

Stephanie xox

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Win £10,000 to spend at Motel!

Yes, you saw that right...

Simply go to their Facebook page here, share the post with all your lovely friends and fill out the contact information.

It really is as simple as that!

This colossal prize will also include items from the likes of Jeffrey Campbell, Rock n Rose, Models Own, Pretty Polly and loads more!

There are also 10,000 runners up prizes. This just keeps getting better and better!

Here are some of my favourite Motel clothing items:


What would you do with that many clothes? What is your favourite from the above ?

Stephanie xox

Home Review: Hello Kitty Liberty Mug

When I discovered Hello Kitty 4U I could not believe my luck. A website featuring a huge array of imported goods all available within the UK! Even better they are shipped from my beloved university city of Nottingham.

HKMUGWhen the Hello Kitty Apple Tree Liberty Mug* was delivered to my door I fell in love instantly. If you saw my recent 50 Random Facts About Me or follow me via Instgram you may have noticed my adoration for all things Hello Kitty!

I love the collaboration between Sanrio (creator of Hello Kitty) and Liberty London for this mug. The print by Liberty is just so sweet, a mix of Hello Kitty logos, apples, leaves and flowers. While upon the front of the ceramic mug boldly sits the cheeky little miss herself. It is all just so overly cute.

Plus the mug does its functional job fantastically. I assure you my green tea cooling beside me as I type tastes amazing.

HKMUGANDCARRIERHello Kitty 4U say: "we pride ourselves in sourcing the unusual and exclusive."

This has got to be one of the most impressive online selections of Hello Kitty I have ever seen. They really do have everything, ranging from home ware to beauty. You can even pick up birthday cards!

Oh I do adore that little white bow-adorned cat...

Do be sure to check out the Hello Kitty 4U website and their Facebook for all the latest Hello Kitty items!

Do you like Hello Kitty? How adorable is the Liberty Mug?

Stephanie xox

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Jack French and Robin Hood. ❤





Bag - Jack French London* (
Coat - Miss Selfridge
Denim Jacket - Primark
Floral Dress - Glamorous @ Cult
Ankle Boots - Next
Green Bobble Hat - River Island

Strolling around Nottingham I decided to give old Robin Hood a visit at the Nottingham Castle.

Me and James had spent the day eating Chinese and strolling around the shops. As we made our way towards the castle, I realised it was probably not the best idea to do so  in my heeled ankle boots. I soon realised this after walking up and down the surrounding steps, teetering along on the cobbles. It was certainly handy having James along to hold on to!

I brought with me  my new  Jack French 'The Carnaby' Suede Shoulder Bag. I just love the long suede tassles and fold over flap design, the bag is just so effortless and beautiful.  The gold Jack French emblem and studs really give this otherwise rather plain bag its edge. Its interior is just perfect too, a vibrant purple to contrast against the darkness of the black suede. It also features three interior pockets, one of these zipped, and proves large enough for everyday use.

This bag is just the perfect accompaniment for a day of unnecessary spending in the town, a coffee with friends or even for the well prepped festival lover in all of us. It is smart while also remaining fun. Even Robin Hood looks dashing with it!

Jack French London is a new brand to me and on the fashion scene. The collection began back in 2011 and all pieces within it are named after London districts. Pretty cool if I say so myself!

What do you think of the Jack French "The Carnaby" bag? What is your favourite bag?

Stephanie xox

Monday, 4 February 2013

Accessories Review: Sheaffer, Ferrari 100 Ballpoint & Pencil Set


Well this is certainly something a little bit different. Pens and pencils not so much, I am training to be a journalist after all!

FerrariBoxHowever, the Ferrari branding upon an item of my stationary is certainly something you won't have seen before. Like the stunning car, this Ferrari 100 Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set in Gloss Black* by Sheaffer proves to be the height of luxury.

The duo come presented in a sleek red box with the gleaming Ferrari logo. The duo are finished with a subtle emblem upon the top of each. The classic glossy black finish just makes me adore this inspired set.

The pen is a ballpoint, both sleek to look at, and write with. It is very easy and comfortable to hold and my childlike handwriting honestly does not do the quality of this pen justice (but doesn't Peter Rabbit look sweet!). Not only is the pen a pleasure to write with, but you can also refill it accordingly. If  you are like me ,and could use it within the week, then do not fear! Just refill with Sheaffer K ballpoint refills.

PensLogoThe pencil looks just as amazing as the pen but proves to annoy me somewhat. I am not sure if I am just daft, or if there is no way to retract the led once you have clicked it out? I am truly baffled by this but presume there must be a way as the pencil also accepts refills of 0.7mm leads.

I loved the polish metal clips and the Sheaffer white dot upon each, proving the quality of the set and the excellence of the  writing that they produce.

Stone Marketing comment that "each writing instrument reflects the same profound passion, extraordinary talent and incredible expertise that drives the Scuderia Ferrari Racing Team."

These would make a perfect gift for any racing car enthusiast, I know what I will be getting my uncle for his next birthday!

 What do you think of this set? What is your favourite type of writing pen?

Stephanie xox

John Greed Valentine's Day Wish List and Mood Board


Jewellery,  is without a doubt the way to any girls heart!

When I saw that John Greed had a competition requesting bloggers put together a Valentines wish list and mood board totaling no more than £250, I knew I had to participate. I just adore Valentines day, the smiling faces, the romantic walks hand in hand, and just couples in awe of one another.


Ah Paris, the city of love. Something like this would be very special to me indeed as it was in Paris that me and my fiance got engaged. It was just after my eighteenth birthday and he did it by the river as the Eiffel Tower lit up and sparkled in the nights sky. It was such a perfect moment, one I will never forget for as long as I live.

This beautiful necklace is made of sterling silver and silver plating. It is handmade and the Paris disc featured is silver plated, slotting into its sterling silver pendant carrier  Mi Moneda jewellery is interchangeable meaning you can add another to suit the occasion!


Pearls are just classic, timeless in fact! Although my Grandmother swears they bring tears and are terribly unlucky, ah the superstitious!

These white pearl and silver stud earrings are just beautiful. The freshwater pearls are hand selected in the UK and cultured in freshwater lakes for up to two years to form. These would just look beautiful for daily wear!

This delicate necklace reminds me of a little winter robin and therefore my late Grandfather. Whenever I happen to see a robin hop along I know I am due to have a good day! This little silver plated bird is so finely crafted and detailed.

This is something that I would love to wear on my wedding day, I could keep my singing and dancing Grandfather close at heart.

Virtue London Silver  Live Your Dream Stacking Ring (£17)

I love the simplicity and phrases upon this beautiful sterling silver stacking ring. Stacking rings are something I adore, they are just so versatile  I have such stubby little fingers too! I like to have thin bands on in an attempt to compliment them. The "Live Your Dream" ring is just perfect for this, and the little quote proves to be very inspiring.


This additional disc would just be perfect with Mi Moneda necklace featured above. This large silver plated "Carpe Diem" pendant features the phrase "Live the life you love, Love the life you live" on the reverse, allowing you to alternate. Just perfect for an aspiring journalist like myself!


 This little sterling silver charm is just so cute. I currently only have a few charms on my current bracelet and I have always wanted this one. I love her smiley face, sweet pigtails and pretty dress. The beaded edge detail is lovey too. Pandora always makes items of such quality and no wonder people keep coming back for more!

What do you think of all this beautiful John Green jewellery? What is your favourite piece?

Stephanie xox