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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Things I hope to achieve. ❤


This list will slowly expand as the year goes on but here is what I hope to achieve in the next year or so!

  1. Find my home for the second year and swiftly. 
  2. Get up and running!
  3. Get a 2:1 or above in my Covering the Courts portfolio (please?).
  4. Master news writing.
  5. Learn how to reference like a professional.
  6. Start saving for my wedding.
  7. Make a saving plan to enable me to stick to mu budget! (poor student alert).
  8. Complete the "30 Day Shred" (note progress).
  9. Pass the first year of my print journalism BA.
  10. Begin shorthand.
  11. Secure a summer 2013 job.
  12. Visit the beach.
  13. Get some work experience at a local paper.
  14. Start vlogging (OOTD, perhaps reviews?).
  15. Start using LookBook.
  16. Learn to drive.
  17. Start collecting Beatrix Potter books again.
  18. Go to Brussels for the weekend with James.
  19. Sell any unneeded clothing.
  20. Invest in some new UGGs (I love them ok!).
  21. Read for pleasure again, not just for study.
  22. Visit Alton Towers.
  23. Go to the cinema more often. Twice a month if possible.
  24. Start saving for Columbia.
  25. Learn to game on my PC (my mouse hates me).
  26. Think up some special ideas for James' 21st.
  27. Start going to gigs again.
  28. Be healthier.
  29. Start going on long walks again.
  30. Visit more art galleries/exhibitions.
  31. Start going to the theater.
  32. Invest in an Xbox.
  33. Purchase Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur perfume (it smells amazing).
  34. Dedicate whole days to watch Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (original trilogy) and Back to the Future in their entirety.
  35. Get a pet hamster, name him Jeff.

What do you hope to achieve this year? If you could achieve anything what would it be?

Stephanie xox

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