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Monday, 21 January 2013

Food Review: Cybercandy Lucky Charms

Here we probably have one of the most famous cereals to grace the Earth and an American breakfast favourite among children and adults alike. If you say you have not heard of Lucky Charms, I dare say your lying!

This delicious cereal contains frosted whole grain oat and numerous pastel coloured "lucky charm" shaped marshmallow pieces. A great sugary delight, Lucky Charms remind me of ridiculously sugar-coated Cheerios savaged by the sweet taste of marshmallow.

This "magically delicious" cereal arrived at my door from Cybercandy in a very generous 49g sized portion pack*, much bigger than the British standard of 30g, don't you just love imported products?

LCCONTENTOnce opened I literally could not resist, the smell is just so enticing  and before I realised I had eaten half of the packet without a dash of milk. They are literally that good! The marshmallows prove to be foamy with a delicious crunch and I sat there for some time just letting them melt in my mouth! The pack is riddled with them and they account for about 25% of the product!

The cereal contains twelve essential vitamins and minerals and proves a good source of both calcium and iron. Not bad for something so tasty eh! Who doesn't love the idea of sweets in their cereal?

Be careful though, it is despairingly protected by its Irish inspired green and ginger mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun, "They're after me lucky charms!" he cries.

Have you tried Lucky Charms yet? What do you think of the handy portion sized pack?

Stephanie xox

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