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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Beauty Review: Volturi Twilight Enrapture Lip Gloss


I am  a lipstick girl through and through. I have always steered away from gloss as I simply cannot bear the sticky feeling it gives upon the lips.
As the Volturi Twilight Enrapture Lip Gloss* arrived at my door I was very intrigued. Could this convert me?

What struck me instantly was the packaging, it is just beautiful. The gothic black and regal gold lettering, a small, seemingly ancient crest of the Volturi coven upon the front.

This dark and bewitching exterior was met with a colourful damask interior of gold and purple, the brightness kept hidden inside along with the striking magneta coloured gloss, hauntingly named "obsess". 

GlossopenAlthough a bright delight, the gloss  once applied gives a wonderfully subtle colour with a lovely golden glimmer that proves to be just enough "shimmer to bring out your inner sinner".

It left my lips feeling shiny and to my great surprise and delight, not overly sticky! The gloss is laced with vitamin e and I believe that this may contribute to its lovely feel upon the lip.

Obsess also has a deliciously fruity and sweet raspberry scent. Unfortunately, it lacks the taste and my efforts in licking my lips proved rather futile! I think I have been converted to the dark side...

What do you think of this gloss? are you a fan of Twilight?

Stephanie xox

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