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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Beauty Review: Time Bomb Co, Operation: Glam Lockstar Shampoo and Conditioner


With a name like the above you would expect these products to be rather fabulous. I tried out both the Operation: Glam Lockstar Shampoo and Conditioner*.

My hair is a tangled mess and finding products to tame it is a miracle in itself. I headed to my shower on a chilly night, ready to start my mission against my mane, the Operation: Glam Lockstar duo in hand. The shampoo was a lovely pearl white shade, both thick in consistency and texture, almost like a hair mask. It left my hair feeling wonderfully sleek as I rinsed it out. The conditioner, also white, proved to surprisingly be even thicker! However, I did not feel that same immediate smoothness on my hair as I lathered it in.

Once rinsed,  it felt fabulous. Both products left my hair feeling amazingly soft and tangle free. It felt better before I even began the tedious process of blow drying, something I desperately try to avoid as heat damage does not aid tangles! I loved the fruity fragrance of the shampoo, while the hard-working conditioner boasted a more bland yet delightfully fresh scent.

I previously done a hairspray review for Tomb Bomb Co (when they were Lulu's Place) so you can check it out here on how to finish that wonderfully clean and prepped hair!

What do you think of these two? Do you do anything special in your hair care routine?

Stephanie xox

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