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Friday, 4 January 2013

Beauty Review: Freyaluna Try Me Selection Box

Freyaluna from Love Yourself Naturally is a wonderful natural skincare product range that really compliments instead of overloading the skin.

TRYMEBOXI was thrilled when a Freyaluna Try Me Selection Box* arrived at my door. The box contains eight sample products from the range, five of which you select from the websites huge variety, and three which are carefully chosen for you. What I love about Freyaluna is the process you take in selecting your box. Founder Sami, took my through all the products, asking me a variety of questions about my skin type so she could help me put together a tailor-made selection, both perfect and extremely beneficial for me.

The products are lovely, evidently natural with a real quality to them. The packaging is just adorable also. With bright prints and sturdy containers. I particularly love the screw top metal tins, perfect for all those lovely fresh natural ingredients. I received the following in my box:

Shed Your Skin Facial Moisturiser
This is a lovely thick cream meaning you only need a little! It leaves your face feeling fabulously hydrated. It is not heavily fragranced so also gives the skin a real fresh feel. The product feels quite oily so is brilliant at combating that winter damaged skin, just in time to get you looking beautiful for spring!

Skin Support Cleansing Cream
FREYLUNA PRODUCTSThis floral cream is packed full of the scents of lavender, chamomile and geranium. The white cream is light and goes on smoothly, leaving your skin wonderfully soft and prepped for the day ahead!

Lavender Lip, Face and Body Balm
Now this just smells wonderful. It has a lovely strong smell of lavender and proves to be very nourishing. I have been using this upon my lips a lot recently and it has really aided against dryness and proves to be a very unique fragranced balm too!

Coco- & Mango Body Butter
This is just fabulous, it really has a buttery texture and leaves the skin feeling amazing. Like the Shed Your Skin Facial Moisturiser it proves to be quite oily. However, this is no flaw! You simply use less product (saving resources and money) and it really treat the skin! Its ingredients include shea and mango butter, coconut, olive and a gorgeous selection of citrus oils! You'll certainly get noticed while using this body butter, it smells great!

Skin Support Facial Tonic
Containing the same beautiful fragrances of lavender, chamomile and geranium as the Skin Support Cleansing Cream this tonic leaves the skin feeling refreshed. It is really light upon the face and gives it a brilliant clean tingle to wake you up in the morning! (or night for you late risers!). It balances the skins natural oils aiding you to a fantastic complexion everyday!

Rose & Geranium Handmade Herbal Soap
This handmade herbal soap is perfect for all skin times and will leave you smelling as great as you are clean! The rose scent is particularly noticeable and leaves its lovely soft scent upon the hands.

Smile! Bath & Body Oil
This scented oil is perfect for soothing aching skin or adding to a steaming bath after a hard day. Smelling of sweet almond, coconut and citrus oils, it works hard to get that Smile! back on your face and to leave the skin feeling cleansed.

Tea Tree & Peppermint Pumice Foot Scrub
I can never resist the smell of tea tree or mint. The peppermint is very sweet, leaving your feet smelling great as the raw sugar and natural pumice grit really works to exfoliate them. The anti-septic tea tree oil also ensures thoroughly cleansed and refreshed feet as it nourishes. Get walking ladies!

What do you think of Freyaluna? Do you like to use natural products?
Stephanie xox

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