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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Afternoon Tea at Patisserie Valerie, Leicester


a071a37c581911e2b17a22000a1fa432_6This weekend I came back to university from my Christmas break. My boyfriends family gave me a lift to Leicester and I hopped on the train back to Nottingham luggage galore from there. It was so quick travelling in the car and we got there in less than an hour and a half! I really must learn to drive...

I helped James to unpack his things in his university accommodation and we all went in to the town centre for some food.

Browsing around the Highcross shopping centre we stopped at Patisserie Valerie and its tempting cake display. It was very busy and took a while for the five of us to be seated. After salivating over the menu, we decided on two afternoon teas consisting of four hot beverages and a scone and a half each (with a jug of clotted cream, butter and jams and honey included of course!) and a strawberry gateau for James' sister.
My gosh was it the best scone I had ever tasted! Patisserie Valerie just know what they are doing with their cakes. The tea was lovely too, loose leaves that caused me to feel slightly dizzy with the intensity of taste (me having three cups probably aided this). It was all just delicious and I left feeling very full, satisfied and a little ill from all  the moreish clotted cream.

I shall definitely be treating myself to it all again in the near future!

What is your favourite place to have afternoon tea? 

Stephanie xox

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