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Monday, 3 December 2012

Beauty Review: Lush Limited Edition Christmas Shower Gels

Everyone loves Christmas, especially all the preparation in the run up to it, be it going shopping for gifts or beautifying yourself for all the festive events. These limited edition Christmas shower gels are deliciously refreshing on these ever frostier days. Whats better than a long hot bath or shower after the chill of the day?

This is my absolute favourite of the three Christmas limited edition shower gels. It smells absolutely amazing and is a ridiculously unique fragrance. It is a very sweet lavender smell. I often associate the smell of lavender as a harshly lasting and a rather dull fragrance. However, this shower gel has taken that smell and added a load of sugary goodness and some wonderful silver shimmer too! It really does get me off to sleep after a long day at university and leaves you feeling wonderfully calm and relaxed.


Well this fluorescent orange shower gel is certainly interesting with the addition of a shot of tequila and the refreshing citrus of fresh orange juice. It is inspired by a "traditional Mexican Christmas punch" with the addition of plum, cinnamon and other fruity fragrances. You can really sniff the hint of tequila and it leaves you feeling tingly all over. While Twilight sends you into the perfect festive dreamy state, this fruity number gets you awake and ready for the day. It really is "your own little party in the shower".

Snow Fairy

This is the Christmas number one best selling product but it was my least favourite of the three! It does smell delicious, good enough to eat in fact, but I am not a huge fan of smelling like a candy store. Lush confesses it is "intensely sweet" and this sparkly little number is reminiscent of bubble gum and candy floss, a perfect girly treat.
All of these shower gels feel wonderful on the skin, deeply moisturizing with lasting smells the question is...

Which will you be buying this Christmas?

Stephanie xox

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