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Saturday, 29 December 2012

A wonderful Christmas!


This year has felt very different to others. It has been such a mad rush, moving to university, all the travelling on trains and the seemingly constant carting of my belongings to and fro. Christmas came and went so quickly!

I spent Christmas eve madly shopping and preparing for the evening of celebration ahead - it was both my mothers 40th and boyfriends 20th birthdays also you see! Me and my mother rushed all the last minute Christmas shopping and I went to collect her beautiful, custom made, fresh exotic fruit cake from Patisserie Valerie.  We spent the night all together in the pub, drank far to much and met the most adorable little Staffordshire bull terrier puppy! An peculiar evening indeed!

Christmas day I was rather hungover and just desperate for dinner. I had a lovely meal prepared for me by my aunt and crawled home for a night of good television and cuddles with James.

I opened all my presents and received some truly well thought and lovingly presented gifts from friends and family! I got lots of beautiful writing pads from my mum including a Peter Rabbit writing set (my all time favourite childhood book), a black leather flex Filofax and an array of colourful notebooks, one for each of my university modules! Handy eh? She also got me the most beautiful quilted green purse from French Connection and some money for any planned nights out or new clothes!

My boyfriend got me a beautiful pair of the red Hunter Original Tour Cuff wellingtons. They can be purchased here and are different from the originals in that they are extremely flexible. Perfect for folding down into a bag to and from university! Words can not express how happy I was when I received these, I have been splashing in every puddle I have found since! Ooh I think I hear the rain again!

My aunt and adopted cousin/brother also got me some lovely gifts. A lovely fragrance and hairbrush set, a beautiful Lush gift box containing Ponche and Sandy Santa and a beautiful handmade scarf. Not only do I smell fabulous, I am also super cosy at the same time!

My boyfriends family got me an impressive collection of gifts including clothing, those adorable owl slippers, the floral clutch, jewellery, a cupcake maker and sweets galore!

I am so thankful for all I received and it was a wonderful day. Lets hope all that Christmas magic is back in full swing next year!

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! What did you get this year?

Stephanie xox

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