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Monday, 12 November 2012

Jewellery Review: Cutey Charm Bracelets

Who doesn't love charm bracelets?

I was delighted when I came across the following collection by Cutey. Cutey is a small company that sell a range of  beautiful charm and shamballa bracelets. I chose the Aether and Typhon charm bracelets*.

They say: "Our pieces feel weighty and expensive" and this is certainly true. The quality of the bracelet is amazing and each is adorned with a beautiful variety of colourful and silver charms.

The Aether is based upon the mythological Greek "God of the upper heaven, the sky, the lightest of all air". It is a very girly bracelet, smothered in pink glass and silver charms. At the heart of the bracelet sits a silver bird charm, small and free to fly across the world, a lovely thought for anyone with big dreams.

The Typhon offers a less girly bracelet, with a mix of bright blue, yellow and pink textured glass beads. Even with its unique look it maintains a girly essence though the addition of a silver handbag charm, shopping and the need for discovery always at a girls heart.

Cutey charm bracelets are available in 2 sizes: 18cm and 20cm, you can even swap the beads around to create your own favourite looks! Each of the above is astonishingly only £12.99.

I love the huge selection of colours offered by Cutey and the variety of the different silver charms. Each charm bracelet also features a silver charm printed with "Cutey".

The bracelets are beautiful and at £12.99 are amazing against similar competitors without losing a bit of quality! They feel expensive with their assortment of weighty charms (all included in the price of the bracelet, no need to pay for them separately!) and deep colours.

Pick up a Cutey bracelet for that someone special in the up and coming festive season!

What do you think of Cutey? Which charm bracelet is your favourite?

Stephanie xox

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