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Monday, 22 October 2012

Instagram: October 2012

This last month has been hectic. I moved away from Oxford at the end of September (pic 1), moving into student accommodation in Nottingham. I then began the madness of Freshers kicking off with a beach themed party (pics 2/3/4) and the rule of four shots only, no single shot allowed! (pic 5). This was followed by an army (pic 6/7) and UV theme (pic 8). After all the madness I managed to catch up and have dinner with James at what is quickly becoming our favourite, namingly T.G.I Friday's (pic 9). I also visited him at his university accommodation in Leicester (pic 10) and what a beautiful view he has of the river!

Back to Nottingham we continued our nights out (pics 11/13/14) and had a trip to the very local cinema, The Savoy to see Taken 2 (pic 12). All this continued until I returned home to see my family (and especially my beautiful cat Jachobi) in the third week (pic 15). On returning home James presented me with a beautiful River Island Russian doll necklace with semi-precious stones (pic 16) and I had much comical amusement courtesy of Foursquare users opinions of Nottingham (pic 17).

All this time I have continued doing my reviews to the best of my ability and thought this GLAMGLOW mud mask picture from a previous review was rather funny (pic 18). The pictures that follow are from me and James four year anniversary and included another trip to T.G.I Friday's (this time with a lot of cocktails as seen in pics 19/20/21), lots of giggles (pics 22 and 23) and some delicious chocolates from Thorntons (pics 24).

To finish, pic 25 is of my view from my student accomodation of a beautiful pink sunset.

Ah September and October have been just perfect! A very confusing and mad month indeed. Hope you have enjoyed a sneak peek into my adventures!

Stephanie xox


  1. Its looks like your having a fabulous time at uni! And your cat is gorgeous, love his name as well!
    Love Becky xx

    1. Ah it has been wonderful! Are you at university also?

      Aww thank you! He is certainly a little cutey! It is certainly a peculiar one. :)

      Stephanie xox