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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Food Review: Cybercandy Covent Garden, Pick 'n' Mix in a US style Chinese container

When I got this Pick 'n' Mix wonder from the London Covent Garden Cybercandy store* I could barely contain my excitement.

Presented in an US style Chinese takeaway container and accompanied by some wooden chopsticks, I was eager to nibble in to its huge variety. I loved the container style and the addition of a little metal handle to carry my goodies. The free chopsticks were brilliant to, surprisingly easy to use when eating the sweets inside!
The box contained a huge variety of sweets, including a massive selection of foreign sweet choices:

Sixlets - Not my favourite, but a wrap of small, round candy-coated Canadian chocolates in a selection of colours. They are a mix of cocoa and carob, giving them a peculiar malt taste which I did not particularly like.

Laffy Taffy
 - I got a lovely selection of Laffy Taffy including cherry, banana and sour apple. The taffy is thick, very chewy and extremely fruit flavoured. It is sold under the Willy Wonka Candy Company and wrapped in bright and attractive packaging.
Black Taffy - This "primrose candy" was a chewy taffy with a tangy swirl of liquorice at its centre.

Mary Jane Peanut Butter Chews - These molasses-flavoured taffy chews have a delicious melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter centre.

Squirrel Nut Zippers - These were such a strange mixture of crunchy and chewy but very delicious. It has a vanilla flavoured crunchy outer and contains crunchy peanuts within.

Candy Corn - Now people are going to be horrified by this but I am not a fan of this bright coloured treat. I just did not like the taste and it certainly won't be a Halloween favourite for me!

Airheads - I found the Airheads to be less chewy than the Laffy Taffy but full of wonderful and tangy flavours. I was lucky enough to try the watermelon and orange and found them to have a subtle sour edge.
Reese's Mini Cups - Any Reese's product is going to be amazing. What I loved about this version was the ratio of chocolate and peanut butter. The chocolate was slightly thicker and it was interesting to have it so. These bite-sized treats are utterly moreish!

Necco - Necco are a tube of crunchy wafer discs with a nicely peculiar flavour and a texture similar to the English Parma Violets.

Hershey's Kisses - Who doesn't know this sweet? A little crunchy and sweet chocolate drop!

Goetze - This sweet is amazing, a taffy packed with a yummy cream centre, a perfect mix of chewy and soft.

Brach's Jelly Nougat - A delicious nougat packed full of colourful and flavoursome jelly pieces.

Tootsie Rolls - I did not realize the variety you can get when it comes to Tootsie Rolls. I had a selection including the original, lime, vanilla, cherry (the nicest cherry sweet I have yet to encounter) and lemon, a perfect mix of sweet without being overly sour.
Atomic Fireball - This was a deliciously fiery cinnamon candy ball. It is certainly for the brave and I myself had to take it out of my mouth occasionally on account of it being so hot!

Atkinson Peanut Butter Bars - This flaky chew has a hard candy outer with a nice crumbly peanut butter centre, a very crunchy treat!

Jolly Rancher - I had both grape and apple Jolly Ranchers, A small hard sweet with a delicious and lasting fruit flavour.

Brach's Cinnamon Hard Candy - These were amazing cinnamon hard candy that contained actual cinnamon! (not all that artificial flavouring rubbish!).

Overall, the selection was amazing and there is such a huge variety to choose from. The use of the takeaway box is a nice touch and it adds to the foreign appeal and selection available at the Covent Garden store. The majority of my sweet selection was American products so it really did look the part! I loved the amount of peanut butter products I had also

What do you think of my Pick 'n' Mix US style Chinese container? What is your favourite sweet?

Stephanie xox

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