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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Beauty Review SAS & Company Limited Edition Michel Mercier Box

The SAS & Company Limited Edition Michel Mercier Box is packed with designer treats. It includes a Michel Mercier Hair brush of your hair type choice and five luxury fragrances for both men and women.

The award winning 'untangle your day' brush comes in the following choice of hair types, each a different colour. You can choose between fine, normal and thick hair brushes, me evidently opting for the thick, bright blue brush.

I found the brush to detangle quite effectively. This was probably aided by its 428 bristles, each positioned at different heights, offering a 'unique geometric distribution' that reduces the pressure tangles cause upon the hair, avoiding breakage and loss of hair. What amazes me about this product is it can be used on all hair types! Those with dry or damaged hair, thick European hair and even Afro-Caribbean or Asian hair types.

I have never had a lot of faith in detangling products, me and my hair are in a constant battle with one another. I used it both on my wet and dry hair. With my hair wet I struggled to detangle at all. However, with my hair dry it worked fabulously, detangling those stubborn knots and leaving my hair sleek! Guess it is just me eh? I really liked the shape of the brush, the use of a sleek handle and large rounded design of the head really made it easy to use.

Also included in the SAS Box is the following women's and men's fragrance samples:

La Perla Classic (female)
I found the La Perla Classic to have an overly musky scent on first application. Created by an Italian lingerie brand since 1987 this is a new version of the original 'classic'. A somewhat overpowering scent that soon developed into a lasting powdery smell, which proved a lot more pleasant.

Grigioperla Nero (male)
I loved this male perfume. It had a delightful woody fragrance and a strong citrus scent. A delightful mix of cedarwood, grapefruit, ginger, moss and patchouli to name a few, making it a delightful every day perfume.

Kim Kardashian (female)
I am really not a fan of celebrity perfumes but I adored this. I love girly fragrances and this proved beautifully sweet and floral. It came with a roller ball applicator and left the most beautiful feminine scent, supposedly representing Queen Kim herself. Its a blend of floral top notes, a heart of spice and a base of musk and sandalwood. You can imagine how lovely it smells.

John Galliano Parlez-moi d'Amour Eau Fraiche (female)
This perfume is by the British designer John Galliano. It is a particularly fruity number packed with scents of grapefruit flower, ginger, rose, white currant, musks and cypress absolute. I found the citrusy grapefruit to be key to the perfume and particularly strong while the heart is of a more floral nature with its addition of the rose.

La Perla in Rosa (female)
I was not overly keen on La Perla in Rosa. It is a relatively new fragrance and was released at the beginning of the year. I think La Perla may have introduced it to appeal to a younger market. In my opinion it is overly floral and fruity. A blend of pink pepper pear, patchouli cyprus, with a heart of rose and violet.

This limited edition box including all of the above is available directly from the Michel Mercier website for only £14.95 for a limited period of time.

What do you think of the box? Which hairbrush would you need?
Stephanie xox

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