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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Beauty Review: Mill Cottage Soap guest/small soap

In a little stone cottage in Wales, Mill Cottage Soap creates an array of natural handmade soap and bath products.

I was lucky enough to try three of their guest/small sized soaps* (approximately 25g) in orange and cinnamon, peppermint and tea tree and lemongrass, oats and honey. The trio arrived delicately wrapped in pink tissue paper. Each soap was wrapped in greaseproof paper, tied with twine and adorned with a different coloured checked bow, a very cute addition!
I loved the individuality of each product, how no soap was cut the same, the gorgeous smells and the vibrancy of colours due to all those lovely natural ingredients.

The orange and cinnamon was delicious. Filled with orange zest and a spicy cinnamon smell, the feel of the oil within really soothing on my skin. Not to mention how handy it is for waking me up in the morning with that amazing scent!
The peppermint and tea tree proved to be delightfully refreshing. The peppermint creating a mild tingle, while the tea tree done its work as an antiseptic, leaving my hands feeling delightfully fresh all day! The dried mint leaves looked amazing also, adding to that Mill Cottage Soap handmade feel!

Lastly,  the lemongrass, oats and honey. This soap was packed full of oats, a lovely mix of citrus and sweet. The honey in the soap is even farmed from a local Welsh producer! The soap worked wonderfully as a moisturiser and is advised for use on dry or irritated skin.

The soaps are made using a cold process method and a variety of oils including Spanish extra virgin olive, coconut and sunflower oil. This specific method retains a high percentage of these lovely oils and glycerine (great for moisturising the skin!), making the soaps gentle to use all day, every day! Mill Cottage Soap then add 100% pure and natural essential oils and botanicals to give the soaps their individual quality and to hold all those wonderful fragrances. Due to this high oil content, the soaps must be looked after and not thrown about the basin or left to soak in water.

The soaps are all "handmade, hand cut and hand wrapped". Each batch is measured and whisked by hand before being poured into wooden moulds. Once set, the soap is left to cure for up to six weeks before being cut into size. This means that all are  different and you can really feel the homemade goodness.  All without  the use of artificial chemical additives, colours or preservatives!

Mill Cottage Soap has a really conscious and caring ethos. They try their best to use recycled or sustainable products and even exclude the use of palm oil in respect of the animals being endangered by its overuse!

These gorgeous 25g guest soaps are only £1.30. Not only are they amazing for your skin but for the environment also! They are long lasting, packed full of soothing oils and leaving your hands refreshingly clean and smooth.

What do you think of Mill Cottage Soap? Which would you choose from the above?
Stephanie xox

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