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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Beauty Review: makebelieve Gradual Tan Lotion

As an extremely pale lady, I am often saddened by my inability to tan. When I came across the makebelieve Gradual Tan Lotion* I was ecstatic. I decided to get it in warm glow (colour zone 2) with its promise of 'a warm glowing look' and 'that weekend-in-the-sun radiance'. The makebelieve colour zone guide is from 1 -5 (the latter being the darker tan) and works on all skin types and tones!

The lotion was a thick white cream, making it very easy to apply and sinking in fairly quickly. I loved the fruity fragrance of the product, leaving my skin smelling delicious. Having previously exfoliated, I began to apply the tan to my freshly washed and dried legs. I done so in circular motions, concentrating on the awkward places as to avoid any streaks. I have to say I am a self-tanning novice in most respects, so I really appreciated the thorough instructions and practice definitely makes perfect!

I continued the day as normal and arrived home to a lovely golden tan. The colour is pretty subtle, even for someone as pale as myself. I found it to look natural, without the usual orange and streak-ridden mess associated with self-tanning. The tan develops in 2 - 4 hours, so is really convenient if you are preparing for the day ahead. It lasts around a week, wearing off naturally as you go about your daily cleansing routine. If you like to be a bit darker you can always re-apply for a deeper colour. The makebelieve Gradual Tan Lotion comes in a large 200ml tube, so will last you numerous applications.

At £19.50 you are really getting a bargain for the quality and size of the product.  I loved the fresh smell and the lovely moisturisation the tan provided, it can even be used upon the face! I will definitely be applying this before a night out, goodbye pasty legs!

Have you tried any makebelieve tanning products? do you self-tan?

Stephanie xox

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