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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Beauty Review: GLAMGLOW Face Mud Mask

After a week of illness my skin needed some serious rejuvenating. I decided a GLAMGLOW Face Mud Mask* was in order!

 This trail sized GLAMGLOW Mud Mask was thick and gritty, an actual mix of volcanic rock, French sea clay and green tea leaf pieces.

After application, It soon dried on my skin, hardening quickly into a clay like substance. My face was hilariously stiff, much to the comical amusement of my housemates. After a tingly 15 minutes I washed it off in circular motions to further exfoliate my face. My skin felt wonderfully refreshed and soft, particularly around my eyes which have been recently tortured from my lack of sleep.

The GLAMGLOW Mud Mask is suitable for all skin types and helps to remove impurities and tackle pores without damaging your skins natural oils.

Having never used a mud mask before I was pleasantly surprised with this 'at home' experience. It felt lovely, and really did make my skin feel brighter, banishing away all those dark circles from my sleepless nights. Here is hoping the promised three day glow continues!

This product is unisex and suitable for all ages and skin types (think household Christmas gifts!). This was particularly good for me as my skin has been through some hard times lately (I personally blame freshers). 

GLAMGLOW Mud Mask contains no artificial colours or fragrance, protects you against environmental nasties and is even suitable for vegans!

This trail size is only £4.99 and lasts one or two full applications.

What do you think of the GLAMGLOW Mud Mask? Have you tried any facial mud masks?

Stephanie xox

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