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Friday, 19 October 2012

Beauty Review: FUN by Lush

This has got to be one of the most entertaining products Lush have brought out yet!

I decided to get my FUN in the oh so girly pink*, a delicious sweet smelling putty reminding me of the smells of sweet treats purchased at the fairground, defined by lush as the "fruity, candy smells of childhood". 
FUN is a mouldable putty available in a variety of colours. It has a huge variety of body and hair care uses. It can be used upon the entirety of your body, to wash the hair, as a bubble bath and to mould shapes when you are bored during wash time! It is also available in the different scented colours of green, red and blue (got to love primary colours!).

What I love about this product is its longevity, the smallest amount lasted ages and it comes in a huge 200g slab. It really lathers up, creating lots of bubbles, perfect for entertaining the young and young-at-heart.

This product really brought me back to childhood as I moulded away, creating a variety of odd little shapes and models (I mean look at my heart shape - it is saddening). It really is a lot of fun!

Ingredients in FUN include talc for softening the skin, cornflour for its mouldability, glycerine for moisturisation and tonka absolute for that 
mouth-watering smell. I was extremely disappointed to find that it contained sodium laureth sulfate, an overly common and somewhat damaging skincare ingredient that gives the amazing bubble effect, I would have liked an alternative.

Overall, FUN is an amazing and unique product, promoting long-lasting giggles in the bathroom and maintaining a squeaky clean routine.  It is perfect for kids, brightening the bathroom, or if you just need more FUN in your life. Be sure to store it back safely with a twist in its biodegradable wrapper!

For every FUN sold Lush will donate ten pence towards helping children affected by the Fukushima disaster.

Have you tried FUN? What shapes would you make?

Stephanie xox

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