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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Beauty Review: Balance Me radiant skin collection

The Balance Me radiant skin collection* contains everything you need for a perfectly prepped face every day. Arriving in a silver metallic bag with a bright purple lining, Balance Me also includes a full list of instructions upon the reverse of the cardboard sleeve. I think the bag was a lovely addition to the set, sturdy and very handy, with all the products fitting inside with ease.

Balance me promote natural beauty and with this comes an extensive and personal promise. All their products are made within the UK and are suitable for all skin types (including mature and sensitive!). Their products are affordable with a strong aromatherapy based history, promoting healthy and knowledgeable skin care.

This 'radiance-enhancing, super-plumping, natural anti-aging' kit contains:

cleanse and smooth face balm (15ml)I began cleansing with the smooth and cleanse face balm. The balm works as an exfoliant and had a very oily base, almost like applying syrup! The scent was of citrus and this was wonderful. The fine oat powder within the balm lightly exfoliated and the texture felt soothing upon my skin. I applied it and left it for a few moments before gently rinsing it off. I was pleasantly surprised to find my skin did not feel tight, a typical after effect of most facial washes. I can see this swiftly becoming part of my daily facial care routine.

radiance face oil (5ml)After the balm I applied a single pump of the 100% naturally active radiance face oil onto my cleansed face.It certainly lives up to its name, and my skin was left bright! I am not a big fan of oil based products but this worked perfectly, absorbing into the skin with a strong scent of rosehip and without leaving a bit of shine upon my face. This oil is perfect for someone like me who suffers from dry skin, putting moisture back into the skin with an array of luxurious oils including camellia, Amazonian buriti nut and yarrow.

moisture-rich face cream (10ml)I applied the moisture-rich face cream over the radiance face oil as recommended for 'particularly parched' skin. The cream was lovely, with a nice thick texture and a smooth application as I applied it in circular motions from the nose outwards. This cream is certainly good value for money and you literally need a pea sized amount to cover the face (I learnt the hard way with my enthusiasm).  My face felt moisturised and smooth, perfectly prepped for my makeup routine!

After the skin care routine I decided to continue and use the treatments including:

radiance face mask (15ml)
As a student I was most excited about the radiance face maskThis mask is to be used once or twice a week and was certainly an intensive treatment. The colour and smell of the mask was reminiscent of one of its ingredients, kaolin clay.  The ground walnut shells proved to form a lot grittier exfoliant than that of  the cleanse and smooth face balm, really scrubbing my skin of its impurities as I left it on for five minutes. It worked to eliminate my dull skin, leaving it fabulously smooth and smelling delicious. fabulously smooth, with a delicious smell to it.

stellar face balm (7ml)
Lastly, I applied the stellar face balm. I truly adore face balms and find them to work wonders upon my dry skin. I applied it to the centre of my face (nose, cheeks and under my eyes), as this is the area most in need of hydration.  I was incredibly happy to discover that my face was without a dry patch in sight! For those who suffer from dry skin conditions I would heavily recommend investing. The balm is also 60% delicious organic shea butter, so your skin will smell as good as it feels.

I would definitely recommend the Balance Me radiant skin collection. It is predominantly natural and luxurious kit, produced by aromatherapy experts and contains everything you need in a skin care routine. At only £18 your face will certainly appreciate it as much as your pocket.

Have you tried the Balance Me radiance skin collection? What above product would you love to try?

Stephanie xox


  1. i've never tried this but i would love to try the mask :)

    1. You should, it is wonderful! Do take a peek at their website. :)

      Stephanie xox