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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Beauty Review SAS & Company Limited Edition Michel Mercier Box

The SAS & Company Limited Edition Michel Mercier Box is packed with designer treats. It includes a Michel Mercier Hair brush of your hair type choice and five luxury fragrances for both men and women.

The award winning 'untangle your day' brush comes in the following choice of hair types, each a different colour. You can choose between fine, normal and thick hair brushes, me evidently opting for the thick, bright blue brush.

I found the brush to detangle quite effectively. This was probably aided by its 428 bristles, each positioned at different heights, offering a 'unique geometric distribution' that reduces the pressure tangles cause upon the hair, avoiding breakage and loss of hair. What amazes me about this product is it can be used on all hair types! Those with dry or damaged hair, thick European hair and even Afro-Caribbean or Asian hair types.

I have never had a lot of faith in detangling products, me and my hair are in a constant battle with one another. I used it both on my wet and dry hair. With my hair wet I struggled to detangle at all. However, with my hair dry it worked fabulously, detangling those stubborn knots and leaving my hair sleek! Guess it is just me eh? I really liked the shape of the brush, the use of a sleek handle and large rounded design of the head really made it easy to use.

Also included in the SAS Box is the following women's and men's fragrance samples:

La Perla Classic (female)
I found the La Perla Classic to have an overly musky scent on first application. Created by an Italian lingerie brand since 1987 this is a new version of the original 'classic'. A somewhat overpowering scent that soon developed into a lasting powdery smell, which proved a lot more pleasant.

Grigioperla Nero (male)
I loved this male perfume. It had a delightful woody fragrance and a strong citrus scent. A delightful mix of cedarwood, grapefruit, ginger, moss and patchouli to name a few, making it a delightful every day perfume.

Kim Kardashian (female)
I am really not a fan of celebrity perfumes but I adored this. I love girly fragrances and this proved beautifully sweet and floral. It came with a roller ball applicator and left the most beautiful feminine scent, supposedly representing Queen Kim herself. Its a blend of floral top notes, a heart of spice and a base of musk and sandalwood. You can imagine how lovely it smells.

John Galliano Parlez-moi d'Amour Eau Fraiche (female)
This perfume is by the British designer John Galliano. It is a particularly fruity number packed with scents of grapefruit flower, ginger, rose, white currant, musks and cypress absolute. I found the citrusy grapefruit to be key to the perfume and particularly strong while the heart is of a more floral nature with its addition of the rose.

La Perla in Rosa (female)
I was not overly keen on La Perla in Rosa. It is a relatively new fragrance and was released at the beginning of the year. I think La Perla may have introduced it to appeal to a younger market. In my opinion it is overly floral and fruity. A blend of pink pepper pear, patchouli cyprus, with a heart of rose and violet.

This limited edition box including all of the above is available directly from the Michel Mercier website for only £14.95 for a limited period of time.

What do you think of the box? Which hairbrush would you need?
Stephanie xox

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Beauty Review: Lush Popcorn and Bubblegum Lip Scrubs

I have been intrigued by the Lush Lip Scrubs for a while now and was skeptical to how they would work.

These thoughts were dumbfounded and the following products are amazing! I tried both the Popcorn* and Bubblegum* Lip Scrubs.

The method to these scrubs is very simple, you place a small amount on your lips and scrub gently in circular motions. You can lick off any excess, while trying your best not to actually eat the stuff. I was not over enthusiastic with my Bubblegum Lip Scrub (although it is rather difficult not to be!), I was somewhat neglectful, spilling some of its contents, much to my sadness! (explains the difference in content!).

The caster sugar packed into the scrub makes your lips feel and taste amazing, while banishing away any of that winter dryness. You see an immediate difference and the jojoba oil in the product really soothes the lips, preparing them for the day ahead and leaving them nicely moisturised. I think these are fabulous to use as part of your skin care and make up routine, the scrubs really prep your lips for a dash of gloss or a swipe of lipstick, ridding you of any unsightly flakiness!

These 25g plastic tubs are packed full of the product. The girly and pink Bubblegum flavoured scrub leaves you feeling as 'sweet as candy' while the Popcorn is packed with coconut, sea salt and polenta to really treat those lips. It also features popping candy and a delicious salted caramel flavour. Each scrub is only £5.25, so there is no excuse not to have beautiful lips every day!

What do you think of the Lush Lip Scrubs? Which flavour of the two would you pick?

Stephanie xox

Monday, 22 October 2012

Jewellery Review: Abilu Creations Lucky Dip Plectrum Cluster Charm Necklace

Abilu Creations is a beautiful vintage-inspired (and if needed bespoke) jewellery company based in London.
I was lucky enough to get the chance to review their Lucky Dip Plectrum Cluster Charm Necklace*.

The Lucky Dip Plectrum Cluster Charm Necklace is packed full of individual charms on a quality and thick, 28 inch silver plated chain, followed with a cute little butterfly adornment.

I love the unique attention to detail Abilu offer, with their beautiful handmade pouch and packaging , good quality and the fashionable addition of an electric blue Abilu plectrum. They really do offer "unique pieces of wearable art".

My necklace included floral, unicorn, feather, butterfly, fruit, star, dice, sea shells and ladybird embellishments. You can choose between silver and
gold plated necklaces and whether you would like a 'girly-girl' or 'rocking-girl' design. The latter offers adornments of skulls, pirates, bright and dark tones. The girly option is a prettier design, full of pretty
floral charms and pastel tones.

This beautiful handmade and unique item is only £22. I love the array of charms, their huge variety and the mix of contrasting colours. They truly are eclectic, greatly diverse and with a real vintage feel. You will be the envy of girls everywhere!

What do you think of this necklace? What would you like to see on yours?

Stephanie xox

Beauty Review: October JolieBox

I always love a themed box and this month Joliebox delivered the 'Pure and Natural' box, which aims to be your autumn 'beauty survival kit'.

This month the products arrived in the classic and sleek black box and included two full sized products, a lifestyle product, a best seller and one sample:

balance Me Balancing Face Moisturiser (10ml)This sample sized moisturiser is just lovely. I am a fan of balance Me products and have previously reviewed their radiant skin collection here. This is a new product to me and is a very light and hydrating cream. It also has a nice and fresh scent to it, leaving the skin smellinh as good and moisturised as it feels. JolieBox even offered a £5 off code for the full sized product.

Lov Organic Lov is Beautiful Tea (6 teabags)These organic and herbal teabags were just lovely. The six came packaged in a plastic sleeve tied in a bow with twine. Each came in muslin bags and tasted wonderful, a lovely white and green tea mix. I did find the addition of tea peculiar in a beauty box but it was interesting as a 'lifestyle' product.

JASON Bee Healthier Lip Balm Stick (4.5g)This full sized lip balm is fabulous, I just can't stop using it! It leaves the lips feeling wonderfully smooth and hydrated. You can really feel the goodness of the beeswax and it has a lovely strong peppermint tingle. It has a thick and oily texture, leaving the lips feeling wonderfully creamy. I put all these nice effects down to the expansive array of beneficial ingredients, including cocoa seed butter, beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera leaf gel and peppermint leaf oil.

Moa The Green Balm (sample)This multi-purpose healing balm is brilliant. As I have been quite unwell lately with a bad chest infection I have been using it on my damaged and sore skin (there is only so much coughing you can do!). It goes on quite oily and is perfect for dry or dehydrated skin. I really like it! You also get a 20% any products on website when you use JolieBox exclusive code.

Ritessens Exfoliant (125ml)This facial exfoliant is from the French brand Ritessens. It is a product that contains an array of natural plant extracts and the wonderful Moroccon argan oil. It is a very creamy mixture with small exfoliating beads that left my skin feeling cleansed and moisturised. The product smells delicious and really worked wonders on those dry patches!

Overall, this was a somewhat odd variety, a mix of full and sample sized products. All these products were accompanied by the glossy JolieBox magazine and a variety of money off codes as well as an offer of free shipping and a gift from Lov Organic. JolieBox is a subscription based beauty box offering a selection of branded products monthly for only £10 (plus £2.95 postage and packaging).

Did you get the October edition of the JolieBox? What are your thoughts of the products within?

Stephanie xox

Instagram: October 2012

This last month has been hectic. I moved away from Oxford at the end of September (pic 1), moving into student accommodation in Nottingham. I then began the madness of Freshers kicking off with a beach themed party (pics 2/3/4) and the rule of four shots only, no single shot allowed! (pic 5). This was followed by an army (pic 6/7) and UV theme (pic 8). After all the madness I managed to catch up and have dinner with James at what is quickly becoming our favourite, namingly T.G.I Friday's (pic 9). I also visited him at his university accommodation in Leicester (pic 10) and what a beautiful view he has of the river!

Back to Nottingham we continued our nights out (pics 11/13/14) and had a trip to the very local cinema, The Savoy to see Taken 2 (pic 12). All this continued until I returned home to see my family (and especially my beautiful cat Jachobi) in the third week (pic 15). On returning home James presented me with a beautiful River Island Russian doll necklace with semi-precious stones (pic 16) and I had much comical amusement courtesy of Foursquare users opinions of Nottingham (pic 17).

All this time I have continued doing my reviews to the best of my ability and thought this GLAMGLOW mud mask picture from a previous review was rather funny (pic 18). The pictures that follow are from me and James four year anniversary and included another trip to T.G.I Friday's (this time with a lot of cocktails as seen in pics 19/20/21), lots of giggles (pics 22 and 23) and some delicious chocolates from Thorntons (pics 24).

To finish, pic 25 is of my view from my student accomodation of a beautiful pink sunset.

Ah September and October have been just perfect! A very confusing and mad month indeed. Hope you have enjoyed a sneak peek into my adventures!

Stephanie xox

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Food Review: Cybercandy Covent Garden, Pick 'n' Mix in a US style Chinese container

When I got this Pick 'n' Mix wonder from the London Covent Garden Cybercandy store* I could barely contain my excitement.

Presented in an US style Chinese takeaway container and accompanied by some wooden chopsticks, I was eager to nibble in to its huge variety. I loved the container style and the addition of a little metal handle to carry my goodies. The free chopsticks were brilliant to, surprisingly easy to use when eating the sweets inside!
The box contained a huge variety of sweets, including a massive selection of foreign sweet choices:

Sixlets - Not my favourite, but a wrap of small, round candy-coated Canadian chocolates in a selection of colours. They are a mix of cocoa and carob, giving them a peculiar malt taste which I did not particularly like.

Laffy Taffy
 - I got a lovely selection of Laffy Taffy including cherry, banana and sour apple. The taffy is thick, very chewy and extremely fruit flavoured. It is sold under the Willy Wonka Candy Company and wrapped in bright and attractive packaging.
Black Taffy - This "primrose candy" was a chewy taffy with a tangy swirl of liquorice at its centre.

Mary Jane Peanut Butter Chews - These molasses-flavoured taffy chews have a delicious melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter centre.

Squirrel Nut Zippers - These were such a strange mixture of crunchy and chewy but very delicious. It has a vanilla flavoured crunchy outer and contains crunchy peanuts within.

Candy Corn - Now people are going to be horrified by this but I am not a fan of this bright coloured treat. I just did not like the taste and it certainly won't be a Halloween favourite for me!

Airheads - I found the Airheads to be less chewy than the Laffy Taffy but full of wonderful and tangy flavours. I was lucky enough to try the watermelon and orange and found them to have a subtle sour edge.
Reese's Mini Cups - Any Reese's product is going to be amazing. What I loved about this version was the ratio of chocolate and peanut butter. The chocolate was slightly thicker and it was interesting to have it so. These bite-sized treats are utterly moreish!

Necco - Necco are a tube of crunchy wafer discs with a nicely peculiar flavour and a texture similar to the English Parma Violets.

Hershey's Kisses - Who doesn't know this sweet? A little crunchy and sweet chocolate drop!

Goetze - This sweet is amazing, a taffy packed with a yummy cream centre, a perfect mix of chewy and soft.

Brach's Jelly Nougat - A delicious nougat packed full of colourful and flavoursome jelly pieces.

Tootsie Rolls - I did not realize the variety you can get when it comes to Tootsie Rolls. I had a selection including the original, lime, vanilla, cherry (the nicest cherry sweet I have yet to encounter) and lemon, a perfect mix of sweet without being overly sour.
Atomic Fireball - This was a deliciously fiery cinnamon candy ball. It is certainly for the brave and I myself had to take it out of my mouth occasionally on account of it being so hot!

Atkinson Peanut Butter Bars - This flaky chew has a hard candy outer with a nice crumbly peanut butter centre, a very crunchy treat!

Jolly Rancher - I had both grape and apple Jolly Ranchers, A small hard sweet with a delicious and lasting fruit flavour.

Brach's Cinnamon Hard Candy - These were amazing cinnamon hard candy that contained actual cinnamon! (not all that artificial flavouring rubbish!).

Overall, the selection was amazing and there is such a huge variety to choose from. The use of the takeaway box is a nice touch and it adds to the foreign appeal and selection available at the Covent Garden store. The majority of my sweet selection was American products so it really did look the part! I loved the amount of peanut butter products I had also

What do you think of my Pick 'n' Mix US style Chinese container? What is your favourite sweet?

Stephanie xox

Friday, 19 October 2012

Beauty Review: FUN by Lush

This has got to be one of the most entertaining products Lush have brought out yet!

I decided to get my FUN in the oh so girly pink*, a delicious sweet smelling putty reminding me of the smells of sweet treats purchased at the fairground, defined by lush as the "fruity, candy smells of childhood". 
FUN is a mouldable putty available in a variety of colours. It has a huge variety of body and hair care uses. It can be used upon the entirety of your body, to wash the hair, as a bubble bath and to mould shapes when you are bored during wash time! It is also available in the different scented colours of green, red and blue (got to love primary colours!).

What I love about this product is its longevity, the smallest amount lasted ages and it comes in a huge 200g slab. It really lathers up, creating lots of bubbles, perfect for entertaining the young and young-at-heart.

This product really brought me back to childhood as I moulded away, creating a variety of odd little shapes and models (I mean look at my heart shape - it is saddening). It really is a lot of fun!

Ingredients in FUN include talc for softening the skin, cornflour for its mouldability, glycerine for moisturisation and tonka absolute for that 
mouth-watering smell. I was extremely disappointed to find that it contained sodium laureth sulfate, an overly common and somewhat damaging skincare ingredient that gives the amazing bubble effect, I would have liked an alternative.

Overall, FUN is an amazing and unique product, promoting long-lasting giggles in the bathroom and maintaining a squeaky clean routine.  It is perfect for kids, brightening the bathroom, or if you just need more FUN in your life. Be sure to store it back safely with a twist in its biodegradable wrapper!

For every FUN sold Lush will donate ten pence towards helping children affected by the Fukushima disaster.

Have you tried FUN? What shapes would you make?

Stephanie xox

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Beauty Review: GLAMGLOW Face Mud Mask

After a week of illness my skin needed some serious rejuvenating. I decided a GLAMGLOW Face Mud Mask* was in order!

 This trail sized GLAMGLOW Mud Mask was thick and gritty, an actual mix of volcanic rock, French sea clay and green tea leaf pieces.

After application, It soon dried on my skin, hardening quickly into a clay like substance. My face was hilariously stiff, much to the comical amusement of my housemates. After a tingly 15 minutes I washed it off in circular motions to further exfoliate my face. My skin felt wonderfully refreshed and soft, particularly around my eyes which have been recently tortured from my lack of sleep.

The GLAMGLOW Mud Mask is suitable for all skin types and helps to remove impurities and tackle pores without damaging your skins natural oils.

Having never used a mud mask before I was pleasantly surprised with this 'at home' experience. It felt lovely, and really did make my skin feel brighter, banishing away all those dark circles from my sleepless nights. Here is hoping the promised three day glow continues!

This product is unisex and suitable for all ages and skin types (think household Christmas gifts!). This was particularly good for me as my skin has been through some hard times lately (I personally blame freshers). 

GLAMGLOW Mud Mask contains no artificial colours or fragrance, protects you against environmental nasties and is even suitable for vegans!

This trail size is only £4.99 and lasts one or two full applications.

What do you think of the GLAMGLOW Mud Mask? Have you tried any facial mud masks?

Stephanie xox

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Beauty Review: Soap & Glory Fabulipstick in Perfect Day

I have always adored Soap and Glory products and have used them for numerous years, stocking up madly at Christmas time on all their gorgeous limited edition boxes.

When I discovered that Soap and Glory had really worked on their cosmetic range I was desperate to try some of their new products. I chose the collagen boosting, super-colour Fabulipstick in Perfect Day*.

The packaging a mix of pretty pink and cheeky black, a 1950's British pin up boldly clutching onto her oversized prize (Fabulipstick of course!). The casing is black with pink print , the body gold as you remove the lid, a very glamorous looking item. What I noticed instantly was the delicious smell, probably down to the addition of shea and monoi butter.

It has a creamy matte texture yet applies like a dream, with a luxuriously rich dark beige colour and a warm rosy pink finish. It is one of those shades that works day and night, utterly versatile and extremely wearable, with enough oomph to make a bold impact in the evening. I think the shade would compliment any skin tone and managed to look good on someone with one as pale as mine.

I found the lipstick really did make my lips look plumper. However, I am not entirely sure if it was down to the collagen boosting ingredients or the amazing colour!

I can only put the moisturisation and long-lasting nature of the colour down to the vitamin E in the Fabulipstick. After a few days of wear my lips continued to feel in a great condition with a lovely softness.

The colour of the lipstick is just perfect, a staple shade for any lipstick lover. It is long lasting, offering colour for hours and a subtle shine. The Fabulipstick is also available in the shades Naked Beige and Red My Lips, here is to hoping they bring out more!

Soap and Glory products are only available from Boots online or retail stores and the Fabulipstick costs only £9! Get your hands on one now, your pout will love you for it!

Have you tried the Fabulipstick? What is your favourite Soap and Glory Product?

Stephanie xox

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Beauty Review: Mill Cottage Soap guest/small soap

In a little stone cottage in Wales, Mill Cottage Soap creates an array of natural handmade soap and bath products.

I was lucky enough to try three of their guest/small sized soaps* (approximately 25g) in orange and cinnamon, peppermint and tea tree and lemongrass, oats and honey. The trio arrived delicately wrapped in pink tissue paper. Each soap was wrapped in greaseproof paper, tied with twine and adorned with a different coloured checked bow, a very cute addition!
I loved the individuality of each product, how no soap was cut the same, the gorgeous smells and the vibrancy of colours due to all those lovely natural ingredients.

The orange and cinnamon was delicious. Filled with orange zest and a spicy cinnamon smell, the feel of the oil within really soothing on my skin. Not to mention how handy it is for waking me up in the morning with that amazing scent!
The peppermint and tea tree proved to be delightfully refreshing. The peppermint creating a mild tingle, while the tea tree done its work as an antiseptic, leaving my hands feeling delightfully fresh all day! The dried mint leaves looked amazing also, adding to that Mill Cottage Soap handmade feel!

Lastly,  the lemongrass, oats and honey. This soap was packed full of oats, a lovely mix of citrus and sweet. The honey in the soap is even farmed from a local Welsh producer! The soap worked wonderfully as a moisturiser and is advised for use on dry or irritated skin.

The soaps are made using a cold process method and a variety of oils including Spanish extra virgin olive, coconut and sunflower oil. This specific method retains a high percentage of these lovely oils and glycerine (great for moisturising the skin!), making the soaps gentle to use all day, every day! Mill Cottage Soap then add 100% pure and natural essential oils and botanicals to give the soaps their individual quality and to hold all those wonderful fragrances. Due to this high oil content, the soaps must be looked after and not thrown about the basin or left to soak in water.

The soaps are all "handmade, hand cut and hand wrapped". Each batch is measured and whisked by hand before being poured into wooden moulds. Once set, the soap is left to cure for up to six weeks before being cut into size. This means that all are  different and you can really feel the homemade goodness.  All without  the use of artificial chemical additives, colours or preservatives!

Mill Cottage Soap has a really conscious and caring ethos. They try their best to use recycled or sustainable products and even exclude the use of palm oil in respect of the animals being endangered by its overuse!

These gorgeous 25g guest soaps are only £1.30. Not only are they amazing for your skin but for the environment also! They are long lasting, packed full of soothing oils and leaving your hands refreshingly clean and smooth.

What do you think of Mill Cottage Soap? Which would you choose from the above?
Stephanie xox

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Food Review: The Sweet Club Sweet Box

The Sweet Club offer a fully customisable  sweet box subscription. The Sweet Box contains eight generous amounts of the sweets of your choice. The process is simple, you browse through an array of over one hundred sweets, choose eight of your favourite and get a delicious and well stocked box sent directly to you!

I chose the following in my Sweet Box*:
ABC Letters
Bon Bons Toffee
Millions Bubblegum
Milk Gums
Toffee Crumble
Vanilla Fudge
Toasted Marshmallow, Top Banana, Tutti-Fruitti and Vanilla Jelly Belly Beans
Nerds - Grape and Strawberry

You can opt to receive your Sweet Box fortnightly or monthly, meaning you will never be short of delicious treats. Each Sweet Box contains eight items (around 100g of each) and you can choose from items such as Hershey's Cookies n Cream, Sour Watermelons, Bubbaloo, Fizz Wiz and Lovehearts!

They offer your first 'introductory' Sweet Box at only £7.95 (including P&P) so why not try it now! After that, a subscription is £9.95 monthly or £16.50 every fortnight, it really is your choice. This subscription is not an ongoing commitment either, you are free to cancel at any time and payment is only taken as the Sweet Box is sent. Delivery is alway free and they deliver all over the United Kingdom!

I adored my selection of treats and the ease I had in picking them (due to each being in its own category). I particularly liked the grape and strawberry Nerds, a US treat very hard to find in the UK! The addition of Jelly Belly Beans was lovely as well,  I am the biggest fan of Jelly Beans and this well constructed mix was like being brought to my favourite milkshake shop! I also had some chocolate, hard boiled and soft sweets. Overall a very good and varied mix! Thanks goes to The Sweet Club for its huge variety, I had over a hundreds items to choose from!

What do you think of The Sweet Club Sweet Box? What is your favourite sweet?

Stephanie xox

Beauty Review: JolieBox

So I am bit late with my September JolieBox* review but I wanted to get a really well informed look at the products. This months edition came in the most beautiful multi-coloured box, a mix of pink, yellow and green stealing a spot upon my dresser immediately. Within the box were a selection of items, protected by a thick black drawstring bag.

Peeking in, I was surprised at the selection, not overly large but with some lovely products. The September JolieBox contained:

Balmi lip balm (10.5g)I was ecstatic when I realised JolieBox had contained a Balmi lip balm. I have been desperate to try it for a while now and I was even lucky enough to receive it in my most desired flavour of mint! I adore the mint green packaging and delicious cooling tingle the balm gives. It also contains SPF 15 for added protection against the elements. It is ergonomically sound, designed as a round plastic sphere which screws and clicks into place. The balm is also sphere, providing a quick and effortless slick of gloss when you need it most. The container is handily connected to a keyring loop, meaning you can keep your Balmi with you wherever you go, be it on your phone, purse or key ring! Balmi is also available in coconut, strawberry, blackcurrant and raspberry flavours.

2 Twistband Hair TiesI adored these handy little hair ties. I received them in khaki green and a golden yellow and found them to work fabulously! Not only are they lightweight, but also incredibly durable, holding up my mane of hair with ease. Twistbands are made of an elastic trim and designed to tie the hair without leaving bumps in your hair do, and they do just that! They are delicate enough to not feel tight but strong enough to hold the hair throughout the day. I think I have just found my hair tie solution, no more painful ponytails!

Redken Align 12 protective straightening lotionI am a big fan of Redken and frankly anything that tames my hair. This "straighten and shield" lotion for medium hair promises to protect and smooth unruly hair. Applying it to my damp hair as instructed, I carefully blow-dryed my hair in as straight a manner as I could. The result was beautiful shiny hair without the usual overload of flyaways and frizz. A very convenient hair time treat and you only need the tiniest amount of product!

Dr Bragi Bio Marine ExfoliantAlthough this product smelt like the scents you tend to avoid at the seaside, I found it to be the best of the JolieBox (the beloved Balmi is a close second). The results from this facial exfoliator astounded me. Using it predominantly on my T zone as advised, I used the remainder of the sample across my face. The texture was gritty and as I massaged it in I was left with a chalky white colour. On rinsing the product I found my skin to be the softest it has been in a long time. I put this down to the ingredients which include fossilised diatom algae (eek!), diatomaceous earth and witch hazel, known for its skin caring properties. My advice? Get your hands on some now!

I Love... Coconut Face Mask (15ml)While I adored the Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant, I was not overly impressed with the I Love... Face Mask. What put me off instantly was the texture, a stringy thick gel clinging to my unsuspecting face. If the coconut smell was not so delicious I would have probably washed it off there and then! Although advised to use the entire sachet, I found that half was more suitable (otherwise I would have been drowning in goo!). I found the mask rather awkward to apply with its stringy nature and ended up smothering my eyebrows although advised not to. There was no time limit specified on the pack, but within five minutes my face was feeling stiff. I began to peel the mask off with relative ease, using a warm flannel to remove the residue from my eyebrows. It left my skin feeling somewhat abused, clean and smelling wonderful. Although not a fan myself, anyone not terrified of face masks should definitely give I Love... Face Masks a go, they are suitable for every skin type and smell delicious!

All these products were accompanied by the glossy JolieBox magazine and a £25 off your first treatment at Skin3, a company otherwise unknown to me before the box. JolieBox is a subscription based beauty box offering a selection of branded products monthly for only £10 (plus £2.95 P&P) .

Did you get the September edition of the JolieBox? What are your thoughts of the products within?

Stephanie xox

Monday, 8 October 2012

Beauty Review: STEAMCREAM Wendy edition

I have been intrigued by STEAMCREAM for a while now. It is a product handmade in small batches in the United Kingdom and Japan entirely out of fresh, natural and vegan (approved by the Vegan Society) ingredients. A brand that has recently been causing a storm in the skin care world.

STEAMCREAM is made via a unique steam process. A shot of steam is used to force the ingredients to fuse together, creating a lightweight, effective and absorbent emulsion packed with essential oils. These oils penetrate the areas most in need of care and are suitable for every skin type.

I chose the Wendy special edition tin*, featuring makeup artist Wendy Rowe's portrait and the advice to use STEAMCREAM as "a great pre makeup base". Taking this advice, I used the cream over the entirety of my face. The cream has a simple and fresh (what I believed to be lavender) smell. It left a light, almost matte, texture upon my skin. I found it took a while to sink in, but I was left with such wonderfully smooth skin that the wait was worth it!

The cream is made with an impressive and beautiful smelling selection of natural materials including, oatmeal, orange flower water, almond, jojoba oils and cocoa butter.

In essence, every tin of STEAMCREAM contains an identical product. The variety comes into play when selecting your tin design. They have a huge variety, suitable for all tastes, some limited edition by well-known designers! These robust tins are made from stainless steel and perfect for reusing, be it to hold more beauty products or as storage! I admire STEAMCREAM for this eco-friendly and conscious attitude, and their use of raw and sustainable materials. To top it all off they are 100% against animal testing!
Is STEAMCREAM worth the hype? Definitely! It can be used all over the body, is ethical and moisturises like a dream! At only £12.95, your body deserves the treat!

Have you tried STEAMCREAM? What do you think of the gorgeous variety of tins?

Stephanie xox

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Clothes Review: White Leaf Bird Print Scarf

I love bold prints and with Autumn well and truly here I needed something to keep myself warm without an overload of knitwear. This delicate Bird Print Scarf in Yellow by White Leaf* was just perfect.

This scarf is very large (measuring 180 x110cm) making it perfect for wrapping it around your neck or looping it delicately as I did to keep you cosy. It has a beautiful chiffon feel and is 100% polyester. Not only is it warm, but the lightweight nature of the material leaves it feeling lovely on, not overly stuffy like most outerwear.

The print is wonderful and what I adore about the scarf. A light yellow contrasted against the bright colours of the swooping, resting and calling birds and delicate butterflies upon it, the combination is just brilliant!

What I love about White Leaf is the huge selection of accessories they offer, including jewellery, bags and scarves. This gorgeous scarf is only £13.95, offering the perfect practical and fashionable solution to all your Autumn troubles! You'll never have an excuse for dull accessories again!

Use discount code BG20 at the checkout to get 20% off your order from White Leaf!

Have you tried any White Leaf accessories? What is your favourite Autumn/Winter item?

Stephanie xox

Beauty Review: Betrousse Summer Break Kit

We all miss summer as Autumn kicks in, not that we ever get much of one in sunny old England. When I got the chance to delve into the Betrousse Summer Break Kit*, I jumped at it! Betrousse only provide kits with full sized samples, offering a no subscription service and letting you see exactly what you are order beforehand.

The Betrousse Summer Break kit contains 5 full sized samples:

Cinq Mondes Roses Petal Rain Mist (200ml)
This rose petal body mist is divine, almost like a perfume as it wraps you in a moisturising and lasting rose scent. It is created from a technique inspired by Eastern cleansing rituals and contains Moroccan rose extracts and concentrated roses, a true floral delight. All ingredients are organic or natural too! It is honestly one of the most beautiful rose scented sprays I have ever smelt! The Cinq Mondes Roses Petal Rain Mist is usually priced at £28.

Orhis Nourishing Face Cream (50ml)The Orhis Nourishing Face Cream is a lot thicker than most I have experienced. This 99.1% natural cream claims to nourish, repair and protect the face, especially good for prolonging that fading summer glow. The cream contains both cottonseed and Argan oil, making it great for all skin types, particularly dry and damaged like mine. The Argan oil is rich in natural vitamin E, protecting the skin from sun damage, reducing inflammation and against ageing. The cream is to be used daily, morning and night, I chose to as a makeup base and it left my skin feeling smooth and moisturised. The only complaint I had was the smell of the cream! It reminded me of a strange smelling baby powder, I am more a lover of floral and fresh scents. Orhis Nourishing Face Cream is usually priced at £28.

Lilas Blanc Secret Éclat Jeunesse (50ml)
This anti-aging cream impressed me the most out of the facial creams in the Betrousse Summer Break Kit. The cream came in a lovely glass container, it felt lightweight, sinking into my skin immediately, leaving me feeling fresh and awakened in the morning rush. Although this cream is obviously aimed at a mature market, I believe it is suitable for those looking to prevent aging, as well as those looking to heal against its process. Lilas Blanc claims "this effectiveness in wrinkle reduction has been demonstrated by various scientific studies and makes Lilas Blanc an incomparable range in the field of Premium Organic Anti-aging Skincare". Lilas Blanc Secret Éclat Jeunesse is usually priced at £36.50.

Cosmetoo Nails, Nail Art Kit Express
The Cosmetoo Nails, Nail Art Kit Express is seriously cute. The kit contains a pack of 20 pink bow nail stickers, a selection of small silver crystal rhinestones and a double-sided applicator stick. This kit will provide you with the sweetest manicure around, whatever time of the year. To apply you place the stickers and rhinestones with the applicator stick and seal with a coat of clear varnish. What I love about this kit is the ability to create your own looks and designs. The Nail Art Kit Express is usually priced at £3.90.

Benta Berry G-1 Moisturising Face Cream (30ml)
The Benta Berry G-1 Moisturising Face Cream is created for younger skin. Unlike Orhis, it is very light and has a lovely subtle berry smell (designed by a "famous perfumer"). The range was created with younger skin in mind (ages 12 to 24), dedicated to its specific needs and containing 100% natural active ingredients. The ingredients are gentle, aiding against excess oil production and soothing the skin. They even promote their 3 step skin care routine of cleansing day and night to remove impurities, moisturising to protect and exfoliating often to keep adolescent skin looking fresh and healthy every day. The Benta Berry G-1 Moisturising Face Cream is usually priced at £12.

Although the Betrousse Summer Break Kit is laden with facial creams, I find it a perfect all seasons fix, who doesn't want beautiful skin all year round! Betrousse even provided a freebie, a sample of Coslys sensitive skin shower gel with organic fig! The kit is worth £109 but Betrousse offer all this for £19, claim your summer back and order one now!

What do you think of the Betrousse Summer Break Kit? What product would you like to try?

Stephanie xox