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Monday, 10 September 2012

Vintage Finds: Mr and Mrs Eximious Teacups

I love a vintage find. I like to have something unique, knowing that it will be hard to find and timeless.
Browsing with my mum I came across this cute little duo and haggled them down to £6 for the pair.

The teacups are from Eximious, defined underneath their logo as "excellent, distinguished & eminent". It is not a particularly old brand but is sadly no longer available. It was founded in the 1980's by a woman named Josephine Louis. Quickly becoming popular in the UK, she set up shop in the US. Sadly the venture did not last and these traditionally British looking pieces are made no more.

What I love about these cups is that they are coupled and contrast so well. You have the female version dedicated 'to the leading lady' adorned in floral print. This is juxtaposed against the fishing hook print teacup, addressed 'to the lord and master'. The quotes are witty, almost sarcastic, as if a married couple has been arguing in front of the artist commissioned to make them earlier that day. These will definitely be used when my friends comes over for a cuppa!

Do you like these vintage finds? 

Stephanie xox


  1. I love vintage finds! I always pop in a charity shop and my boyfriend hates it! Haha
    You did well findin these pair of beauties! So cute


    1. So do I! I am exactly the same. You literally never know what you could find!I once got a Ralph Lauren shirt for £6!

      Aww thank you! I am forever on the hunt. Adore floral ceramics!

      Followed your blog, it is lovely. :)

      Stephanie xox