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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Food Review: graze Box

For those who have not heard,  the graze craze is in response to the introduction of 'healthy snacks by post'. graze offers a box filled with a selection of delicious and nutritious snacks delivered on the day of your choosing, be that daily or once a week!

I luckily got my 'nibble box' for free, avoiding the somewhat reasonable charge of £3.89 (including postage and packaging!). The system is both simple and beneficial to your pocket and health!  The food inside was selected based upon my tastes. graze has an online system where you can like, love, ask to try, or opt to 'bin' snacks. Thus giving the company a clear idea of their customers preferences. This can be pretty exciting as you await your box, not knowing what tasty treats may come from their vast selection. graze supplies over 100 natural treats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit, crackers, breads, dips and olives, and this also includes sweeter treats such as cakes and flapjacks.

The box fits through all normal sized letter boxes and consists of four compartments of snacks. My personal box contained orange and ginger flapjacks, Korai chutney, 'born in the USA' and 'hot cross yum'.
The orange and ginger flapjacks came in a trio and were delicious. They honestly tasted homemade and were thick with oats and ginger, slightly zesty with the help of the orange. The Korai chutney was a snack of thick curried rice bites accompanied by a spiced tomato chutney, certainly the snack to make you reach over for some water. The mix you get proves pretty interesting as you jump from savoury to sweet, certainly not boring on the taste buds! The 'born in the USA' consisted of pecan nuts, almonds and cranberries. Now I don't like pecans at the best of times, so this selection really did not do much for me. The beauty of graze though is that you can 'bin' the items that do not take your fancy! This one must have missed me though. 'Hot cross yum' on the other hand contained, sponge pieces, cinnamon and honey almonds and orange infused sultanas and was delicious! (I think I am more a sweet than savoury girl). Eaten together it did mimic the taste of an actual hot cross bun!

Overall, I prefered the selections with a bit of experimentation in the flavours and will definitely be trying graze again! If you would also like to try a graze box for free also, then email me at for a code! You will need a debit/credit card for this but graze will never take money unknowingly from your account and you can cancel at any time! Get graze-ing folks!

Stephanie xox

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