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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Daily finds: Make up and Decor

There has been a lot of hype recently over the cheap make up being offered at Poundland.

Not a store I tend to go in for my beauty essentials, I decided to take a peek for myself. I came across some rather interesting items including 'Chit Chat Blusher', 'Stila Whitening Powder Foundation' and a trio of glass picture frames, perfect for decorating my new university bedroom!

It seems cheap stores like these are doing their best to compete against the high street products and it is starting to work!

The glass photo frames were particularly beautiful. I got 150 photos printed from Truprint for about £3 (accepting their fifty free print offer and using a summer voucher code for seventy five additional pictures at a penny each!). I chose these three frames to hold pictures of my closest girl friends. Unfortunately, they are without a stand so will have to be screwed in or balanced carefully against my mountain of course texts!

Keep your eyes peeled for reviews of  'Chit Chat Blusher' and Stila Whitening Foundation Powder!

Stephanie xox

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