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Monday, 17 September 2012

Beauty Review: Urban Therapy Twisted Sista Shampoo & Conditioner

Twisted Sista is a London brand with an aim to glorify your hair and bring out the best it can offer: 'Celebrating curls, farewell to frizz... honor the poker straight'.

I was lucky enough to try out the de-frizz shampoo and conditioner*. I found both products to be a lot thicker than conventional shampoo and conditioners that I have used. I had to rinse my hair quite a few times to be totally sure the product was out. Saying that, my hair felt full, less tangled and had a lovely watermelon scent to it, definitely a fresh and fruity first for me!  The bottle design has a somewhat younger teenage appeal, brights lime green and adorned with illustrated woman upon it.

The shampoo made my hair feel great, I usually have to deal with a tangled mess before I start the chore of conditioning but this was not the case, and it had a lovely frothy effect as I lathered it up. This range is specifically target for those with curly and unruly hair so it was fabulous for taming my frizz and left my hair feeling soft and clean. It is also perfect for summer time as it contains UV filters, protecting you from the suns damage and leaving your hair hydrated and shiny.

The pearlescent white conditioner was ridiculously thick, almost like an intensive hair mask, deeply conditioning and rich. I paid particular attention to the ends of my hair and although I had to rinse like a madwoman, it left my hair soft and tangle free. I have been using it over the past week and my hair is shiny and noticeably nourished.

Overall, these are pleasant products to use and make the perfect pair, really complimenting one another. The shampoo gently cleanses as the conditioner hydrates and repairs damaged hair. The smell and design are sweet and cute but perhaps not as appealing to an older market. However, don't let the pretty design fool you, this combination is brilliant leaving you with a hint of that delicious fruity scent, sleek hair and the perfect wake up call! All this for £4.99 a bottle.

Have you tried Twisted Sista products? What is your favourite hair care product? 

Stephanie xox


  1. i tried one of their products and once my hair had dried instantly my hair went greesey. i dont know why but maybe i should try the product again sometime. Check out my blog

    1. Oh that is rubbish! Maybe you did not rinse it for long enough? I really had to rinse to avoid what I thought would become greasy hair!

      Your blog is lovely!
      Stephanie xox