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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Beauty Review: OV Naturals OV Mini 'TRIPLE ROSE' Luxury Organic Facial Oil

I always love a pretty and eco-friendly package. OV Naturals recycle the majority of their packaging and my item arrived in lovely purple tissue paper adorned with the company sticker. Inside was the 'OV Mini TRIPLE ROSE Luxury Organic Facial Oil'*. This miracle in a bottle is packed full of 'thereputic-grade essential and plant oils' and contains 100% natural ingredients without a nasty chemical in site!

I decided to use the oil overnight, as advised by OV Naturals, although there were a few comments recommending daytime use under your moisturiser. I placed two droplets into the palms of my hand and warmed the liquid, the colour is beautiful and deeply golden. The key ingredient being Organic Damask Rose Otto, and is more expensive than gold! I gently rubbed the liquid into my face, massaging into the skin in upward strokes. My skin felt amazing, this product is intended to hydrate the skin, if your skin begins to feel greasy then you are using to much!

The oil contains natural trans-retinoic acid, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, and has been dubbed as 'therapy in a bottle'. Leaving it on my skin overnight, I awoke to a hydrated face and a lovely glow (I put it down to the beautiful golden colour of the oil!). I adore any product that is particularly good for dry skin and this 
truly worked its magic.
It is also good for tired and aging skin, promoting plumpness and flexibility. It aids against fine lines and boosts collagen production. The smell is luxurious, like you have just fallen into a bed of flowers, as the oil also contains organic rose geranium and rosehip. It really has a healing and calming effect, the difference you feel in your skin is quickly noticeable.

OV TRIPLE ROSE Luxury Organic Facial Oil can be used anytime, anywhere. Use it before bed and awake with that summertime glow, or daily if you need the boost! It was also commended in the FreeFrom Skincare AWARDS 2012 for its quality facial care! The standard bottle is priced at £32.99, while the 10ml mini bottle is available for £7.50. With skin as radiant as yours will be after this product, I would go with the latter.

Have you tried the OV Natural 'TRIPLE ROSE' Luxury Organic Facial Oil? Do you use facial oils? 

Stephanie x


  1. Great review and blog! :)


    1. Thank you darling!

      I love yours so followed! :)

      Stephanie xox