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Monday, 17 September 2012

Beauty Review: Lucris Limited Washi! Hot Cloth Skin Polishing Kit

The Washi! Hot Cloth Skin Polishing Kit* aims to 'refine and refresh the skin'.  Lucris Limited Japanese inspired creation is made of pure white cotton and is conveniently small in size, easy to use anywhere.

The kit arrived wrapped delicately in tissue paper, accompanied by a detailed list of instructions and the most lovely personal letter. It is such a nice experience to get such a friendly introduction to a product and a rarity.

The Washi! Hot Cloth Skin Polishing Kit is to be used as part of your daily cleansing routine. At the moment, there is not a Washi! cleanser, so you must use your own. However, the company are researching into the best combination of traditional Japenese ingredients and looking to release one in the near future. You use your Washi! Hot Cloth with warm water and your chosen cleanser, cleaning your face as normal. I managed to get off all the grime of a days make up, but my over enthusiastic scrubbing left my eyes a tad delicate. The lightweight material and texture of the cloth did not feel harsh on my skin (my flannel burns I tell you!) and retains heat better than conventionally thicker cloths. It is also easy to clean with detergents in a warm wash after use, lasting for a considerable amount of time.

I used the Washi! Skin Polishing Towel as instructed, dampening my face (not the cloth!) and cleaning it in delicate circular motions. The cloth left my skin smooth and this was probably down to the texture, exfoliating it as I cleansed. Afterwards I applied my moisturiser as instructed. As a sufferer of dermatitis (I have severe flare ups when stressed) I was amazed to see the results, not a sign of dry skin anywhere! I honestly put this down to the texture and quality of the Cloth and Towel.  This Kit is suitable for all skin types, although it is advised you go gently upon sore or damaged skin!

Afterwards I decided to hand wash my Washi! Hot Cloth Skin Polishing Kit. I was amazed to see that with a bit of hand wash (I am totally counting this as a detergent) and some scrubbing, the Cloth and Towel were gleaming again within minutes, very hygienic if you were to use a hot wash.

At £5.95 for four Hot Cloths and a Polishing Cloth and your choice of colour and designs, I have fallen in love with the Washi! Hot Cloth Skin Polishing Kit! The Kit arrives neatly and personally packaged and can be used every day as part of your beauty routine.

I will definitely be using the Washi! Hot Cloth Skin Polishing Kit as part of my daily cleansing routine. Will you?

Stephanie xox

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