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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Beauty Review: Betty Buff Skincare 'Peppermint' & 'Scrummy Choco' Sugar Scrubs

I love a vintage treat. Usually it is clothing or accessories, but I recently came across Betty Buff Skincare, a company dedicated to vintage recipe sugar scrubs! Even better, their entire range is suitable for sensitive skin, containing minimal and only natural plant-based ingredients!

I was lucky enough to try two sugar scrubs, 'Peppermint'* and 'Scrummy Choco'*. First impressions were good, the scrubs were nicely packaged in 150ml pin-up adorned tubs, and smelt divine. Literally good enough to eat, and my fiancĂ© did just that with a dip of the finger. I swiftly stopped him.

As the sugar scrubs are fresh it is best to use them up quickly (and always before the best before date) as this makes the ingredients more effective. I discovered this when I found my 'Scrummy Choco' to be a loose mixture, probably having soaked up the majority of its oils. With a swirl all was well again and the mixture was thick. The 'Scrummy Choco' contains 100% cocoa and left the most delicious smell and sheen upon the skin. Where as the 'Peppermint' contains peppermint essence and was great on my sore and tired joints, delightfully refreshing. I chose the two to make a comparison. However, both were just so delightfully sweet!

Using the product, I found the sugar to be a perfect exfoliant with its rough texture. My skin felt fresh and clean, without residue and with a mild smell of the product upon it. After my normal bathing routine, I used a handful of the scrub in circular motions over my entire body and  felt fabulous. I will definitely be using this every time my skin needs a treat!

What I love about the Betty Buff Skincare Sugar Scrubs is the simplicity and goodness of the ingredients (many sourced in Britain). Each tub contains granulated sugar, evening primrose oil, vegetable oil, glycerin and honey. These natural products are not only beneficial to the skin but smell brilliant. Betty Buff Skincare Scrubs are amazing for dry skin and you will never need to moisturise your body again!

Boys do not need to fear though, you too can have healthy and nourished skin with the male 'GunkyMonkey' range, available in a variety of fragrances!

Have you tried a Betty Buff Skincare Sugar Scrub? What would be your dream fragranced scrub?

Stephanie xox

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