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Monday, 10 September 2012

A holiday in Weymouth

On being asked to go to Weymouth by my fiancée and his family, I jumped at the opportunity! We were to stay on the Littlesea Haven site and have a few days of relaxation and fun. Coming from Oxford, it took us just over two hours to get to the site by car. Haven Littlesea was lovely, with a view to die for (although craftily looking like the sea, it is separated from it by a strip of land). On getting there, we were pleased to discover we had been upgraded to an eight person, three bed roomed mobile home. We unpacked and relaxed. Lazily walking to the local chippy and almost vomiting as a result. We went to watch some of the bad live acts, had a few drinks and dived into bed. 

The second day was the best. Getting up nice and early we took Dexter (James' old English sheepdog) out to relieve himself before rushing down to Weymouth beach. The sun was beaming and we had lunch on the beach. Desperate to see it, I hinted at a trip to Durdle Door from the moment we arrived. We headed there in the late afternoon, the sun beaming upon us and the sea sparkling. Parking up, we headed downwards until we came to the most beautiful sights I have ever witnessed. If you have not been I would seriously take a trip in your lifetime! The view was breathtaking and the water a deep blue and clear for miles (this is very unique for UK beaches!). 

As we had the dog with us we could not go out for meals in the evening. With that in mind, we headed to Morrison's and stocked up on cheap treats, nibbling on cheese sandwiches and cookies as we watched the Paralympics. 

On the third day my fiancées dad came down. We headed down to the beach for midday, expecting him to be there on our arrival. We ended up waiting three hours listening to Paralympics announcements on the beach tannoy. We did a spot of shopping, picking up naff gifts for my family back home. That evening we went to the best fish and chip shop I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Marlboro in Weymouth is a place you HAVE to visit in your lifetime. Apparently as my fiancées mother ordered, the owner proudly announced how Jedward (the annoying Irish all-singing-all-dancing twins) have been in recently.

The last day was hectic. We went to a beautiful little tea room called Dream On on the Esplanade and had fruit scones and tea. We then had a go at the Paralympics activities upon the beach. I myself tried out some wheelchair basketball! It was an amazing experience and a very difficult activity. I have to give it to the Paralympians, they must work damned hard!

As we headed home Steve (James dad) had the fantastic idea of going to Poole for dinner. What a mess that was. The dog was tired and grumpy, sick of being cooed and petted. He started to bark, understandably aggravated, so we left the olde English pub after a swift drink. We decided dinner was best on the Quay front and ordered fish and chips (we seem addicted yet?) as we watched the yachts sail in.  The fish and chip shop tried their best to be fancy, with their oddly shaped chips and fish cakes featuring pepper and potato. It was not to my liking at all and I ate up quick and dashed to the car. Annoyingly what seemed like the entirety of the A34 was closed and we had to make a huge diversion. Not getting in until midnight.

Overall, the holiday was amazing. The sun shone high in the sky, everyone was together and laughing and I got to go to the beach every day!
Does anyone love the beach as much as me?
Stephanie xox

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