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Saturday, 1 September 2012

A family shopping trip

To get my sister out for a shopping trip is a miracle. Seriously. 

However, with her new forensic science course starting at college in a few days time we decided to do a quick spruce up.  

Shopping around, we desperately searched for some pretty new clothes without damaging  my poor mothers bank account too much.

The most important item of the day was blouses. Surprisingly, the nicest came from Primark! Polka dots/spots seem to be a big trend for autumn/winter 2012 (just take a look at the never-ending Louis Vuitton display at Selfridge's, Oxford Street!) and the following were the items of Michelle's choice: The white polka dot is a sheer blouse with round golden buttons on the front and cuffs. The black polka dot blouse is a bit edgier, still sheer but with textured dots and an amazing spiked collar! Literally looking amazing over any outfit.  

After our luck with the blouses there was unfortunately none when it came to shoes. There were no sales on so we desperately hunted for a bargain. Going into Zara we found a gorgeous pair of black spike embellished pumps for £25.99! Although a bit pricey, they look fantastic and can be worn with anything.  

After shopping was done, the last call of the day was a haircut. Going  in early that morning, we luckily managed to nab an afternoon appointment at Twenty Ten in the Oxford town centre. Wanting a considerable change I suggested a longer version of Victoria Beckham's 'pob' while keeping the full fringe. My sister went along with it and the stylist did a wonderful job as Michelle acted the little diva, instructing her as she went along. The total was £35 for a wash, cut and total restyle. If you take a peek at my hair then you will see the considerable length that came off and the amazing job the stylist did! 

All in all it was a great day out and a successful trip. We got all the school essentials and some cute new items of clothing. At least now Michelle can walk in feeling as fabulous as she looks and I will do my best not to steal those Zara shoes...

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