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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Clothes Review:, Henry Holland Alphabet Tights has one of the most impressive selections of hosiery I have ever seen. A company built out of the frustration of the inavailability of hosiery on the high street, they offer a huge variety of unique and renowned brand items and 'stock over 15,000 pairs of the tights, stockings, hold ups, socks, lingerie and shapewear'.

Lets just say you will never be stuck for choice and you will always find that something special.

I instantly fell in love with the  Henry Holland Alphabet Tights*, adoring the 'Alphabet' pattern and the mix of black sheer and opaque materials. I thought these would be brilliant to add something special and improve a plain outfit. I decided to wear them with a black bodycon skirt and dark green sheer blouse, teaming them with gold glitter heels.

These tights were well made with a well stitched gusset and round toe, I think they looked lovely on and felt comfortable throughout the night. We are all well aware of the pain of constantly pulling up and adjusting your tights but this was not the case at all and I danced the night away without any issues or snags.

These specific tights cost only £12.48. Not only do they look amazing, but offer free delivery on all their items, making them extremely convenient as well as good value for your money. The site is simple to use, allowing you to select your desired item down to the last detail with ease.
If you want the best looking legs around then head on over to!

Have you bought anything from What are your favourite tights on the site?

Stephanie xox

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hair Care Review: Macadamia Hair Luxury Travel Kit

Macadamia Hair is a unique hair care company. Using the oil from the Macadamia nut and the rare Argan seeds of Morocco they have created a collection from nature that benefits not only the hair, but the mind also. These rich resources have been used throughout time for their goodness and healing nature, making Macadamia 'the secret to healthy hair'. 

The Macadamia Hair Luxury Travel Kit is brilliant for those on the go, containing everything you need to replenish and satisfy your mane. Not only does it contain five luxurious products, but also a wide-toothed and oil infused comb that works with your hairs natural oils. The kit includes:

Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo (60ml)The shampoo was the best item in the collection in my opinion. I only used a small amount, about half a teaspoon(!) and it lathered into a lovely foam straight away. It left my hair with a silky coat of protection and feeling conditioned instantly. Having somewhat damaged hair, this really impressed me, it was almost like a moisturiser for the hair. 

Macadamia Moisturizing Rinse (60ml)This moisturing conditioner was not as impressive as the shampoo. It did not give the same immediate silky feel. As advised, I left it on for a minute and quickly began to see the difference. After drying my hair I soon discovered how soft it had become! Disappointingly though, the small 60ml bottle size led to a great amount of difficulty in getting the product out! It did not change the quality of the product whatsoever and this conditioner is a fabulous counterpart to the Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque (30ml)
The Macadamia Deep Repair Masque was mousse like in texture. I applied it for seven minutes as instructed and it began to create what felt like a wax coating upon my hair. Afterwards my hair felt deeply nourished, and the treatment even surpassed that of the conditioner! I put it down to the additional ingredient such as algae extracts, tea tree oil, chamomile oil and aloe.

Macadamia Nourishing Leave-In Cream (60ml)
This leave-in cream really helped to control fly-a-way hair and kept it looking neat! 

Macadamia Healing Oil (30ml)
The Macadamia Healing Oil really sealed the deal, leaving my hair soft and smooth with a real salon quality.

Macadamia Oil Infused Comb
This comb is truly brilliant. Infused with oil and sealed with resin, it glided through my newly cleansed hair with ease. This really impressed me as I have dyed, and therefore tangle prone hair!  It is also recommended that you use it often to treat the hair, which is just fabulous in my opinion! 

The Macadamia Hair Luxury Travel Kit is certainly impressive. It made my hair radiant, improving the colour and is amazing for those on the go and in need of smaller products. The ingredients help to protect against the elements, creating stronger hair without the need of harmful or overly perfumed ingredients.

Have you tried Macadamia Hair products? What is your favourite?

Stephanie xox


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Beauty Review: The Vintage Cosmetic Company Tweezers and Brow & Lash Brush

The Vintage Cosmetic Company is centered around the production of 1950's vintage inspired cosmetic accessories. Ridding woman's attention of their household chores, their motto is 'ditch the baking and focus on the glamour'. I did just that with the The Vintage Cosmetic Company Tweezers* and The Vintage Cosmetic Company Brow & Lash Make-Up Brush*.

The Tweezers are just gorgeous, super girly with a detailed floral print. The reverse is a candy pink and features The Vintage Cosmetic Company's italicised logo. What makes these tweezers different you say? Well they are made from high quality stainless steel and have an impressive sharp slanted tip to pluck at those stray hairs, leaving you with perfectly shaped brows every time! Having quite large and shapely brows, I was impressed to find that my eyebrows were looking groomed in a matter of minutes! The slanted tip really ease the usual sting associated with tweezers and I finished without the slightest bit of redness!

The Brow & Lash Make-up Brush features the same candy pink colour. The brow side of the brush is fitted with thick and sturdy bristles, grooming those wild brows into submission. The lash side is plastic, separating lashes to avoid clumping when applying your mascara and giving you a nice wide-eyed look. I found the strong bristles of the brush to really work wonders for my eyebrows, really complimenting their new shape (thank you tweezers!) as I fanned out my eyelashes with a few slicks of mascara.

These products are a necessity for any beauty enthusiast, not only are they pretty, they also work to a professional standard, both long-lasting and sturdy. They are also very affordable at only £8 each for the Tweezers of Brow & Lash make-up brush! Definitely in the running against the cosmetic accessory giants.

Ladies it is about time you started treating your lashes and brows! Eyes are the windows to the soul, so lets frame them properly!

Have you tried any products from The Vintage Company? What is your favourite make-up accessory? 

Stephanie xox

Competition: Win a Luxury OV Naturals Rose-themed Hamper!

You heard it!

OV Naturals are giving one lucky person the chance to win a Luxury Rose-themed Hamper on their Facebook page!

All you have to do is like the OV Naturals Facebook page and once it has received 1000 likes they will select their winner.
The more time you like and share posts the better chance you have at winning!

Check out the competition here.

Good luck, I know I am liking!
Stephanie xox

Beauty Review: Betty Buff Skincare 'Peppermint' & 'Scrummy Choco' Sugar Scrubs

I love a vintage treat. Usually it is clothing or accessories, but I recently came across Betty Buff Skincare, a company dedicated to vintage recipe sugar scrubs! Even better, their entire range is suitable for sensitive skin, containing minimal and only natural plant-based ingredients!

I was lucky enough to try two sugar scrubs, 'Peppermint'* and 'Scrummy Choco'*. First impressions were good, the scrubs were nicely packaged in 150ml pin-up adorned tubs, and smelt divine. Literally good enough to eat, and my fiancĂ© did just that with a dip of the finger. I swiftly stopped him.

As the sugar scrubs are fresh it is best to use them up quickly (and always before the best before date) as this makes the ingredients more effective. I discovered this when I found my 'Scrummy Choco' to be a loose mixture, probably having soaked up the majority of its oils. With a swirl all was well again and the mixture was thick. The 'Scrummy Choco' contains 100% cocoa and left the most delicious smell and sheen upon the skin. Where as the 'Peppermint' contains peppermint essence and was great on my sore and tired joints, delightfully refreshing. I chose the two to make a comparison. However, both were just so delightfully sweet!

Using the product, I found the sugar to be a perfect exfoliant with its rough texture. My skin felt fresh and clean, without residue and with a mild smell of the product upon it. After my normal bathing routine, I used a handful of the scrub in circular motions over my entire body and  felt fabulous. I will definitely be using this every time my skin needs a treat!

What I love about the Betty Buff Skincare Sugar Scrubs is the simplicity and goodness of the ingredients (many sourced in Britain). Each tub contains granulated sugar, evening primrose oil, vegetable oil, glycerin and honey. These natural products are not only beneficial to the skin but smell brilliant. Betty Buff Skincare Scrubs are amazing for dry skin and you will never need to moisturise your body again!

Boys do not need to fear though, you too can have healthy and nourished skin with the male 'GunkyMonkey' range, available in a variety of fragrances!

Have you tried a Betty Buff Skincare Sugar Scrub? What would be your dream fragranced scrub?

Stephanie xox

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Pre-University Haul - Bicester Village, Oxfordshire

So today me and my fiancĂ© went on a little shopping trip to the local designer outlet, Bicester Village. I ADORE this place, you can get the most beautiful items at a huge fraction of the cost! Here is what I purchased:

Jack Wills Knightley PJ Set @ £49 £12

I wanted a nice PJ set and loved that this came with its own drawstring bag! It is very cute and I adore the floral print.
I also prefer to wear shorts in the nighttime so this set was perfect!
It looks great on and at least I have something to wear for the PJ themed university night now!

Jack Wills Sandling Pencil Tin @ £6.50 £3

I am a tad obsessed with floral print (and Jack Wills to be honest) and wanted a sturdy pencil-case that still looked pretty for university.
This little tin is perfect, I love the black against the bright flowers and it large enough to fit all my pens!

Jack Wills Normanton Diary @£14.50 £2

I adore Jack Wills stationary. I love the bright colours and witty quotes.
I wanted a book for jotting down anything I may see in town while at university (aspiring journalist and all!)
For all those with big changes and big dreams remember success is a journey not a destination!

Cath Kidston Candy Flowers Laundry Bag @ £14 £6

This laundry bag is HUGE and absolutely gorgeous.
I needed a laundry bag desperately for university, as I kept using an old Soap & Glory one I had received for christmas and it has begun to look a tad worn.
I really dislike the netted ones as I think they can make a room look messy!
Now my dirty laundry can be nicely tucked away inside this beautiful bag!

Cath Kidston OC Hampton Rose Ticket Holder @ £6 £4

I needed a ticket holder for my ID.
This cute little holder holds my provisional driving license, university card and rail card!
It makes them so much easier to find with the clear covers and well stitched holders.

Agent Provocateur Stephanee Bra @ £110 £20

I love the dark purple and black lace overly of this bra.
The plunge really compliments while the lace gives the bra a real vintage/gothic look!
It looks amazing on and can be worn with anything!

Agent Provocateur Ellisa Bra @ £120 £25

This bra has to be the best I have ever bought.
It is without padding and has a deep plunge.
It really compliments and looks lovely on.
As a larger size in my bras, I really struggle to find beautiful underwear!
Agent  Provocateur is my new favourite lingerie shop!

This is why I adore Bicester Village.  My total for these items came to £72 and I saved £248 off the original retail prices!

Have you been to Bicester Village before? Do you like my purchases? 

Stephanie xox

Beauty Review: OV Naturals OV Mini 'TRIPLE ROSE' Luxury Organic Facial Oil

I always love a pretty and eco-friendly package. OV Naturals recycle the majority of their packaging and my item arrived in lovely purple tissue paper adorned with the company sticker. Inside was the 'OV Mini TRIPLE ROSE Luxury Organic Facial Oil'*. This miracle in a bottle is packed full of 'thereputic-grade essential and plant oils' and contains 100% natural ingredients without a nasty chemical in site!

I decided to use the oil overnight, as advised by OV Naturals, although there were a few comments recommending daytime use under your moisturiser. I placed two droplets into the palms of my hand and warmed the liquid, the colour is beautiful and deeply golden. The key ingredient being Organic Damask Rose Otto, and is more expensive than gold! I gently rubbed the liquid into my face, massaging into the skin in upward strokes. My skin felt amazing, this product is intended to hydrate the skin, if your skin begins to feel greasy then you are using to much!

The oil contains natural trans-retinoic acid, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, and has been dubbed as 'therapy in a bottle'. Leaving it on my skin overnight, I awoke to a hydrated face and a lovely glow (I put it down to the beautiful golden colour of the oil!). I adore any product that is particularly good for dry skin and this 
truly worked its magic.
It is also good for tired and aging skin, promoting plumpness and flexibility. It aids against fine lines and boosts collagen production. The smell is luxurious, like you have just fallen into a bed of flowers, as the oil also contains organic rose geranium and rosehip. It really has a healing and calming effect, the difference you feel in your skin is quickly noticeable.

OV TRIPLE ROSE Luxury Organic Facial Oil can be used anytime, anywhere. Use it before bed and awake with that summertime glow, or daily if you need the boost! It was also commended in the FreeFrom Skincare AWARDS 2012 for its quality facial care! The standard bottle is priced at £32.99, while the 10ml mini bottle is available for £7.50. With skin as radiant as yours will be after this product, I would go with the latter.

Have you tried the OV Natural 'TRIPLE ROSE' Luxury Organic Facial Oil? Do you use facial oils? 

Stephanie x

Monday, 17 September 2012

Beauty Review: Lucris Limited Washi! Hot Cloth Skin Polishing Kit

The Washi! Hot Cloth Skin Polishing Kit* aims to 'refine and refresh the skin'.  Lucris Limited Japanese inspired creation is made of pure white cotton and is conveniently small in size, easy to use anywhere.

The kit arrived wrapped delicately in tissue paper, accompanied by a detailed list of instructions and the most lovely personal letter. It is such a nice experience to get such a friendly introduction to a product and a rarity.

The Washi! Hot Cloth Skin Polishing Kit is to be used as part of your daily cleansing routine. At the moment, there is not a Washi! cleanser, so you must use your own. However, the company are researching into the best combination of traditional Japenese ingredients and looking to release one in the near future. You use your Washi! Hot Cloth with warm water and your chosen cleanser, cleaning your face as normal. I managed to get off all the grime of a days make up, but my over enthusiastic scrubbing left my eyes a tad delicate. The lightweight material and texture of the cloth did not feel harsh on my skin (my flannel burns I tell you!) and retains heat better than conventionally thicker cloths. It is also easy to clean with detergents in a warm wash after use, lasting for a considerable amount of time.

I used the Washi! Skin Polishing Towel as instructed, dampening my face (not the cloth!) and cleaning it in delicate circular motions. The cloth left my skin smooth and this was probably down to the texture, exfoliating it as I cleansed. Afterwards I applied my moisturiser as instructed. As a sufferer of dermatitis (I have severe flare ups when stressed) I was amazed to see the results, not a sign of dry skin anywhere! I honestly put this down to the texture and quality of the Cloth and Towel.  This Kit is suitable for all skin types, although it is advised you go gently upon sore or damaged skin!

Afterwards I decided to hand wash my Washi! Hot Cloth Skin Polishing Kit. I was amazed to see that with a bit of hand wash (I am totally counting this as a detergent) and some scrubbing, the Cloth and Towel were gleaming again within minutes, very hygienic if you were to use a hot wash.

At £5.95 for four Hot Cloths and a Polishing Cloth and your choice of colour and designs, I have fallen in love with the Washi! Hot Cloth Skin Polishing Kit! The Kit arrives neatly and personally packaged and can be used every day as part of your beauty routine.

I will definitely be using the Washi! Hot Cloth Skin Polishing Kit as part of my daily cleansing routine. Will you?

Stephanie xox

Beauty Review: Urban Therapy Twisted Sista Shampoo & Conditioner

Twisted Sista is a London brand with an aim to glorify your hair and bring out the best it can offer: 'Celebrating curls, farewell to frizz... honor the poker straight'.

I was lucky enough to try out the de-frizz shampoo and conditioner*. I found both products to be a lot thicker than conventional shampoo and conditioners that I have used. I had to rinse my hair quite a few times to be totally sure the product was out. Saying that, my hair felt full, less tangled and had a lovely watermelon scent to it, definitely a fresh and fruity first for me!  The bottle design has a somewhat younger teenage appeal, brights lime green and adorned with illustrated woman upon it.

The shampoo made my hair feel great, I usually have to deal with a tangled mess before I start the chore of conditioning but this was not the case, and it had a lovely frothy effect as I lathered it up. This range is specifically target for those with curly and unruly hair so it was fabulous for taming my frizz and left my hair feeling soft and clean. It is also perfect for summer time as it contains UV filters, protecting you from the suns damage and leaving your hair hydrated and shiny.

The pearlescent white conditioner was ridiculously thick, almost like an intensive hair mask, deeply conditioning and rich. I paid particular attention to the ends of my hair and although I had to rinse like a madwoman, it left my hair soft and tangle free. I have been using it over the past week and my hair is shiny and noticeably nourished.

Overall, these are pleasant products to use and make the perfect pair, really complimenting one another. The shampoo gently cleanses as the conditioner hydrates and repairs damaged hair. The smell and design are sweet and cute but perhaps not as appealing to an older market. However, don't let the pretty design fool you, this combination is brilliant leaving you with a hint of that delicious fruity scent, sleek hair and the perfect wake up call! All this for £4.99 a bottle.

Have you tried Twisted Sista products? What is your favourite hair care product? 

Stephanie xox

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Daily Finds: Oxford Radcliffe Camera Print

Every Thursday in Oxfords Glouster Green there is a market. Browsing with some friends before some lunch, I came across a little stall of prints and a very persuasive and funny elderly gentleman.

For £2 he offered me this picture of the Radcliffe Camera by an artist known as Elizabeth Drayton and another unnamed piece of St. Michael at the Northgate church tower on Cornmarket Street.

I think it is adorable and a good memory of home for when I am feeling lonely at university.

What do you think? Have you ever visited Oxford before?

Stephanie xox

Beauty Review: Lulu's Place Operation: Glam Haircare 'High Profile Thicken & Lift Spray'

Lulu’s Place, Operation: Glam Hair care collection promises ladies thick, sexy and glamorous hair. They offer a product that transforms dull, lifeless and aged hair into full and radiant locks. Lulu, the woman behind the collection, is a self-confessed thin haired miss and her frustrations at her own hair led to her creating the Operation: Glam products: My love of hair and hair products is legendary . . . I know from experience that making fine hair look glamorous isn’t easy – you need exceptional products”.

The collection includes everything you need to prep your hair and is from the same mastermind chemists that brought us John Freida, almost a guarantee of the ranges exceptional quality. It works due to a clever mix of peptides, offering a solution that washes or sprays in and retains strength and volume throughout its use.

I was lucky enough to try the High Profile Thicken & Lift Spray*, a spray that adds volume and lifts the hair due to its unique thickening resins and procapil. The resins give the hair body and bounce without leaving a sticky after mess. This is not the conventional hairspray and arrived in a gorgeous zebra print pink and black bottle that was not pressurised. I liked this, as you had more control over its application, determining how and where you wanted it. The smell of the High Profile Thicken & Lift was also pleasant, not harsh like other hairsprays.

You can apply it to both damp and dry hair so I opted for the latter. I applied it and gently tousled my hair. I saw results instantly and found Operation: Glam High Profile Thicken & Lift Spray to be another hair care success! My hair felt fuller without the clogged up aftereffect of conventional high street brands and remained like this for a few hours, smelling fantastic as it did!

At £16 for 150ml this product is pricier than the average hairspray but if you are truly dedicated to that glamorous over sized look then this is the product for you!

Do you suffer from thin hair? Have you tried any products from Lulu's Place?

Stephanie xox 

Beauty Review: Lush 'Hello Gorgeous' Gift Box

I was delighted when my Lush 'Hello Gorgeous' Gift Box* came to the door. I just love a huge box full of beauty goodies and this box does not skimp on content. It contains an array of treats to 'shower, soften and bathe your way to gorgeousness'. 

Lush are a really eco-friendly company whose packaging can be easily recycled or reused. With a box as pretty as 'Hello Gorgeous', who would ever want to throw it away? It is also adorned with the cutest pink ribbon! What I love most about Lush, is that the majority of their products are vegan or vegetarian society approved, making them accessible to everyone! Everything is fresh, handmade and effective. Lush even inform you of the person or team who prepared your product, and when they did so. As lush ingredients are natural, it is best to use their products as soon as possible, if you can resist them that is!
 The beautiful navy floral print box includes: the ‘Think Pink Bath Ballistic’, ‘The Comforter Bubble Bar’ (200g), ‘Vanilla Dee-lite’ (100g), ‘Rub Rub Rub shower scrub’ (140g) and a trial size ‘Gorgeous moisturiser’ (10g).
The centerpiece of this Gift Box (funny, considering it is the smallest product!) is the introduction of the ‘Gorgeous moisturiser’. This facial moisturiser is their self-confessed greatest to date, containing 6 plant oils and fruit juices. It smells delicious and a key scent is indistinguishable! It is a very light, offering a real softness to the skin.

The 'Vanilla Dee-Lite' body lotion went on very thick, but suprisinngly sank into my skin within minutes, leaving a lovely and subtle scent of vanilla that lasted the day. It reminds me of a nice vanilla scented perfume. The use of fresh ingredients such as kiwi also impressed me, this bottle is filled to the brim with a variety of skin conditioning greats!

‘Rub Rub Rub shower scrub’ impressed me also, appealing as a unisex product (although apparently 'blossom-scented') and infused with mineral-rich sea salt. It has a fresh smell and a really gritty feel, exfoliating away any dry skin. It also lathers up like a shower gel, leaving you with a truly invigorating and squeaky clean feel.  You can even use it on your hair!

'The Comforter' bubble bar is Lush's best selling bubble bar and I can see why. It has a swirled appearance and strong blackcurrant scent. Crumbling it under the tap it encouraged a mountain of bubbles in my bath and left me smelling very sweet.

Another sweet treat is the 'Think Pink' bath ballistic. This cute little bomb is adorned with 3 flowers and scents of vanilla, tonka and lavender.  Placing it my bath I was amazed by an explosion of glitter and shaped confetti (I shall let is surprise you!). It really is a mood booster and the bath quickly transformed into the most wonderful shade of pink.

Overall, this box is fabulous! With some delicious and sweet smelling products that will leave you feeling as gorgeous as Lush promised. It is also great value for money, so I advise you treat yourself or someone special!

Have you ever received a Lush gift box? What is your favourite Lush product?

Stephanie xox

Friday, 14 September 2012

Beauty Review: Mary Elizabeth Spearmint and Tea Tree Nuture Balm

Mary Elizabeth Bodycare is a family run venture.  Cecilia started the company when she was left with damaged skin after her skin cancer treatment. As an aromatherapist herself, she used her exceptional knowledge and started the company with the assistance of her daughter.

I was lucky enough to try the Mary Elizabeth Spearmint and Tea Tree Nurture Balm*and it is just delicious! Packed full of vitamin enriched oils; this multi-purpose balm can be used on your ‘lips, nails, hands, heels – anywhere’. I paid particular attention to my lips and nails and saw results instantly. The balm works to smooth and soothe the skin, be it perfectly healthy or damaged; this is a product for everyone and a true all-rounder. It enriches, moisturises and protects hardworking skin through every season. Mary Elizabeth claims that it also promotes strength and growth in the nails so I am constantly applying it, and have every faith!

 What I loved the most was the cute silver tin the balm was contained in. Mary Elizabeth is an eco-friendly company that promote simple, stylish products with no excess packaging. The spearmint scent is divine. I have always adored mint balms and this tamer alternative (not the usual peppermint situation) really does it for me!

 All the ingredients in Mary Elizabeth Bodycare products are natural and organic. The balm contains a mix of active ingredients and essential oils. The use of the active ingredient organic shea butter is believed to have properties that promote cell growth while the olive wax leaves the skin feeling conditioned and smooth.

The balm is also packed full of vitamin rich oils including: avocado, meadowfoam, apricot kernel, hemp seed, spearmint, peppermint and tea tree. This array of vitamins enhances the skin, easily absorbed and ridding you of dull skin. My lips felt plump, moisturised and any signs of dry skin were banished! It truly is a product for all skin types, promoting elasticity and penetrating the deeper layers. The addition of Gamma Lineolic Acid tames and balances oily skin, while the tea tree works as an antiseptic aiding skin conditions.

This 15ml tin is £6.50 and a bargain considering how versatile and luxurious the product is. This is definitely one of my firm beauty favourites and it has not left my makeup bag or lips since!

Have you tried any Mary Elizabeth Bodycare products? Do you like to use balms?

Stephanie xox

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Beauty Review: MyFace Cosmetics 'MyMix Foundation'

I find foundation to be the most basic and important product in any beauty regime, it can really make or break a look.

First step is to find the right colour for you. This is something I often struggle with, it would genuinely shock you the amount of money I have wasted with my naivety when on the hunt for the perfect foundation. The next step is deciding the type of foundation you want, be it liquid, powder of mouse. I opt for liquid, finding it to working better on my normal/dry skin.

I decided to try out MyFace Cosmetics MyMix Foundation in Fair01*. MyFace Cosmetics work via a simple and effective system when it comes to their products, placing them into one of three categories: fair, medium and medium/dark. With this in mind, they use well known celebrities to give you an understanding of what tiers (labeled from 1 to 3, the latter being the darkest) you fall into within the category. I found this extremely helpful, matching my skin tone (Fair01) to the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson in seconds.

I found the contents to be quite fluid and this was rather frustrating. This in mind, I applied the foundation using my finger tips and my well-loved 'dot' method (I shall show this one day!) and the coverage was lovely. It felt like a second skin with its matt finish and clean smell. After a day of wear it was still firmly on, and my skin looked bright and felt wonderfully smooth. I was amazed that it had not dried it out and left my face feeling hydrated.

So, did MyFace Cosmetics offer the healthy glow they promised? My answer is a firm yes.

This is the perfect foundation for normal/dry/combination skin tones (I find liquid foundations on oily skin tend to wear off quickly but it may work with a primer). However, the 'colour-correcting formula' can only go so far. I believe the product to sufficiently reduce redness but am doubtful as to whether it would work as an entire cover up on acne prone skin. I also adored the colour match method, it is as flawless as the foundation and guarantees a perfect match every time! The packaging is also a bonus, the tube  is sleek, making it easy to slip into the smallest of bags.

At £15.99 I believe this 35ml lightweight wonder to be worth it. The coverage is impressive and texture delightful, so no need for top ups!

You will feel the fairest of them all! If you are as pale as me that is...

Stephanie xox