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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Review: Noodle Nation, Oxford

A meal with the girls had been planned for over a week and I arrive 40 minutes late! 
Lucky for us, Noodle Nation of Gloucester Green, Oxford is a FAST food dining experience, so no one was ravenous for to long! We each ordered our mains: seafood soup, Thai green curry and rice and a sweet and sour chicken with yo min noodles for myself. They all came out within five minutes and I have never had to wait more than ten!

I have been to Noodle Nation numerous times and always return. This is because the food is delicious. The main dishes, priced between £5 and £7, are filled with chunky vegetables, fresh and full of crunch. The chicken in my sweet and sour is lightly battered and in wholesome chunks. For a food phobic like myself I have a lot of fun attempting to cut it into smaller, bite size pieces. The starters are around £2 to £4 and also taste superb. Shockingly Noodle Nation does not offer coffee, a major downside to my mother when looking for her fix one summer afternoon. 

Another downside is that Noodle Nation does not offer the most comfortable atmosphere. The canteen (their own words) is dominated by long benches. Quick and convenient yes, but it lacks the relaxing atmosphere associated with restaurants, appealing more to business people and students, as opposed to families. Another bonus for us budding students is the 15% off in student discount offered daily (this even includes takeaway, although not advertised!). 

Overall, Noodle Nation is woking great, the food is cheap, yummy and in large portions, Definitely a place to stop in on a visit to Oxford. You'll get a huge meal that is easy on the pocket as well as the tastebuds!

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