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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Review: Lola Lo, Oxford

My birthday fell on a Sunday this year so not the best day for a wild night on the town. It would have also been without my best friend (she was on holiday in Malta, lucky lady) and that was a big no can do! 
I decided I wanted to try somewhere a bit different. If you have ever been to Oxford before you will have realised there is little choice when it comes to night life. So, I thought it would be fun to try out a new club, Lola Lo on Magdalen Street in the city centre. Lola Lo is a Tiki themed club and bar with a really nice and friendly atmosphere, floral garlands and hula skirts galore. 

As I entered down the dark, dingy and pretty dangerous stairway to the underground club (my dear friend fell down it, ouch), my boyfriend immediately placed a pina colada cocktail into my hand. I have to say that it was the best I have ever had, and was a frozen slush style. It was totally delicious and fantastic after you have had a bit of a frenzied dance. I was later graced with a shark bucket named 'shark on the beach'. A fruity mix of vodka, Archers, orange and cranberry juice, and 'shark'. The amount of ice thrown into it though is always frustrating and at £7.50 it was not the cheapest way to get merry. However, as I was the birthday girl, the pina coladas kept coming and that was not an issue for long!

Dancing the night away, it was pleasant to not have the usually leering guys often associated with big university cities. It was a fun night and refreshing to have some RnB and club music played for once (if you have ever been to Oxford's Purple Turtle you would understand this). It was definitely something us girls had been planning for a while and we were desperate for a proper club night. 

Lola Lo however, is a smaller club, not on par with the likes of Wahoo or The Bridge but its atmosphere and friendliness set it above the rest for me.  The staff were constantly beaming, dancing about to the music with the rest of us. My cocktail was even replaced after a very attentive member of staff mistook it for rubbish! Overall, it was a lovely experience and somewhere I will be spending the remainder of my nights out within Oxford. Not long till Nottingham now (more reviews!) and many new places to explore. Here is to hoping I find a little Hawaiian themed gem similar to Lola Lo! 

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