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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Review: The First Floor Restaurant, Oxford

Yes, you guessed it, another oriental restaurant visited by myself.

This time, me and my mother visited The First Floor. The First Floor is a Thai/Indian/Chinese and Continental restaurant offering a multi-buffet at £13.95/£14.95 a head for an evening meal. Their lunch works out cheaper at £8.50/£9.50 (dependant on the days). They also offer an A La Carte and takeaway menu for those in more of a rush.

Like most buffets I have experienced, drinks are not included in the price. However, they can be rather spectacular. Just take a peek at my Olympic themed layered cocktail! Served with crushed ice in long glasses, this cocktail certainly packed a punch! It was ridiculously strong (and I am a cocktail lover), so definitely worth the price at 2 for £10. As it is a special you will have to be swift if you want to experience it also.

I think what I like the most about The First Floor is the little added touches that make your meal feel special. Firstly, I am always seated by the window overlooking Oxford's Cowley Road. Now, this is not the most spectacular area of Oxford but it is always bustling, full of people rushing about, a nice contrast to The First Floors calm nature.

Secondly, The First Floor looks immaculate inside, with long tables of mahogany and well dressed waiters, giving it a touch of class above (literally) the other restaurants in the area.

Lastly, the food is immaculate! Everything is fresh, the vegetables are crunchy and sweet, the meats halal and ordered in fresh and the naan baked to your preference and delivered within minutes! 

The picture to your left cannot do the food justice (and I am quite frankly the worst photographer and presenter of food I have ever met). Here we have noodles, basmati rice, curried chicken, fresh vegetables, chips, chicken in plum sauce (now this was AMAZING) and onion bajhi. What amazes me is the colours you see here. It is not the same old bland and flavoured produce. Work evidently goes in to making each dish special. 

The First Floor is a lovely place to visit. Be it a nice lunch before shopping or treating someone special. Don't let the higher price put you off, the experience is worth every penny. 

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