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Thursday, 16 August 2012

My hatred for AQA and the university system in the UK

August the 16th 2012 every person studying A Levels within this country got their grades. I did not.

Why? Because even after getting acceptance for extenuating circumstances with medical proof, AQA did not sort my final grades for my law A2 course.

This is annoying for numerous reasons:

1) I am still holding a conditional offer with my firm choice that will not change until this is resolved

2) I do not know my grades

3) While the rest of the country celebrates I am stuck indoors rather miserable

What shocks me is that my insurance confirmed my place without the third A2, basing it presumably on my array of AS’s. Here is to hoping that my firm do the same and swiftly. This is doubtful however, as it is protocol for them to have my results in their entirety, and I guess rather understandable and unfortunate.

I also have the grueling decision of where to now go. Everything was set up for my firm, my entire life. However, my fiancée just missed his grades for his offer there. He has been offered a place at my insurance or one a short train ride from my firm (we believe; gets confirmed today). As my insurance is a little more quiet, he is not particularly keen to go there.

The issue is our families obsession with our inability to be away from one another. We have seen each other every day for about seven years and have always lived less than two miles away. I understand this is going to be difficult, it is a choice between living in the same city or living half an hour away by train/thirty miles away, but at better universities. We both think the latter is a more sensible choice.

Why is this so difficult?

Our choice must be made by the end of today. Guess we will just have to wait and see what happens…

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