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Monday, 6 August 2012

My 19th Birthday!

Last year I spent my 18th in Paris and I had the best few days of my life. 
I knew this year would be a bit different in comparison, but it remained perfect. Everyone went to such effort, friends and family alike. I felt so special, especially after all the stress of A Level exams and university applications. 
The day before my fiancée took me out for a meal. He had spent the day with his sister at the Olympic stadium so it was really nice for him to make the effort. He did not let me pay for a thing and took me to one of my favourite restaurants in Oxford, The Pink Giraffe. Afterwards we had some cocktails before a nice walk home.

As I got there, I was welcomed by a happy birthday balloon stuck to my window and an all-beaming-all-singing-mother. The best part was the abundance of gifts though. You can be any age , and you will still get ridiculously excited about your birthday, I guarantee it. My mum goes for the simple option and present me with £300 (I tried to give the majority back, she would not have it) and little bits and bobs for university. 

James got me an array of gifts (plus the delicious meal hehe). The best had to be my red sequinned and black glitter TOMS. These are seriously the most comfortable shoes ever and part of a massive charity organisation! Would recommend them to anyone. I also got some skinny jeans from Jack Wills and two of their bags. 
My aunt bought me this beautiful Pandora bracelet with a four leaf clover charm. I have never bought from Pandora myself and thought this was the most thoughtful gift. She knows I have been stressing lately so got me the charm to help with my luck (university, family and life...) and also because I am 1/2 Irish.

My mum arranged the most lovely party for the actual day. There was drinks and food in abundance and all my close family were there. Unfortunately I had to leave for a family emergency and spent the evening in hospital. Most important thing is, your family come first. All in all, it was fabulous, and spent with those closest to me. Keep your eyes out for my birthday night out, here is hoping it's a good one! 

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