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Friday, 10 August 2012

Girly Sleepover

I spent Thursday evening in the little sleepy village of Stadhampton, Oxford.

Being poor and often busy, me and my best friends find it hard to catch up with one another. This was perfect though, after a bit of drama and food hunting in central Oxford we set off.

The evening was filled with giggles. We arrived to a delicious home cooked meal by our lovely hostess Imogen's mother. This included a yummy tomato and cheese pasta bake and freshly made cheese balls (if you ever have the pleasure of meeting the little blonde pictured named Ellie you will understand how big a deal this was). We sat outdoors, nattering and trying to ignore the randy pigeons near us. Full and happy, we made our way in to watch some of the Olympics. After the excitement of seeing Usain Bolt win (who knew that would happen?) we decided to slink off to Imogen's room.

Once there, we  grabbed some movies. These included the biggest chic flick of all time (if you did not instantly guess it was Mean Girls, then I am ashamed) and the not so pretty Hostel.  Quoting along through Mean Girls was a giggle as we confided and swapped stories. As Hostel came on I think Kiran (the raven haired beauty) actually believed she was going to die, making teasing all the more fun!

All exhausted and desperate for bed; obviously not able for to much heat and excitement, we made our way to bed. Me and Ellie shared the beautiful loft room and Kiran and Imogen shared Imogen's floral palace of a bedroom. I have to say, it was amazing to get get a comfy nights sleep. The only downside was the early rise! Getting up at 9am is not something you will catch me do often in the holidays. Meeting up with your closest girls always guarantees a night of fun. Here is hoping we remain close throughout university! Being spread across the country is difficult but we will make it!

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